Judge Richard E. Jackson Named Administrative Judge in Cecil County

Circuit Court Judge Richard Eli Jackson became Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court of Cecil County last week. Judge Jackson was named Administrative Judge by Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert M. Bell. This position became available when Judge Dexter M. Thompson, Jr. resigned as Administrative Judge, although he still sits on the bench in Cecil County.

Judge Jackson has been an Associate Judge since 2002. Before his appointment to the bench in Cecil County, Judge Jackson was a lawyer in private practice from 1978 until he was elevated to the bench in 2002.

  • Barbara Teal

    Judge Jackson is the most biass and corrupt Judge in the state of Maryland. He stole my grandson from my daughter, because she served her country and has labled a “flight risk” and awarded custody to her ex, a welfare high school drop out. I guess if you are the unfit parent then Judge Jackson is who you want on your side. He proves that Maryland courts are not fair and don’t care about the children involved. If you don’t believe me, please feel fre to contact me.

  • Ron Miller

    Ms. Teal, I have actually heard pretty good things about Judge Jackson from the lawyers who have had cases before him. I have never been before Judge Jackson so I really cannot speak to you comments.

    Good luck.

  • dont want to say

    Wow, when i read this i agreed! He took my children away, i am a fit and good mother and there is absolutly no reason i shouldnt have custody of them. I also know of a few other mothers in Cecil county who would agree with you Barbara.

  • Ron Miller

    Some people have been pretty critical of me in the comments section of this blog. But if the content is legitimate – which is has always been so far- I have published it because I don’t want to be in the position of editing legitmate comments. But it is worth nothing that judges, particuarly in domestic cases I’m sure, are going to reach conclusions that are going to offend one side or the other. There is not a judge in the world that would be immune from criticism from parties in domestic cases. Moreover, people who are pleased with the outcome he gave are unlikely to be googling him and commenting about him.

    I feel compelled to both publish comments like the one above while at the same time providing some context for the comments.

  • dont want to say

    That is true that one party will always be disappointed in a domestic case but this particular judge seems to always rule in favor of the father and in my opinion doesnt consider the best interest of the children, why cant parents SHARE custody, that way the children get to experience a mother and a father on a regular basis???? Children need BOTH parents to be around, why should one parent have more time than another if there are no signs of abuse, neglect etc.??????

  • dont want to say

    Hello! Would you mind giving Barbara Teal my e mail address and putting us in contact? Thank you!

  • Susan Price

    Judge Jackson acquitted a man who severly beat my nephew. It was so clear he was quilty, and the one eye witness recanted his story. However, the other men involved in the horrific beating are serving time. The father of one of the men testified he saw the defendant shortly after the attack. He was with his son, and they both had blood on them. The Defendant had blood on his clothing and his shoes.

    My nephew was knocked out cold with the first punch, and the three men continued to punch and kick him in the head. He lived, barely. He had to re learn how to do everything, he will never be able to drive or have a job. He has no short-term memory, and has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (which he told me torments him from the time he awakens until the time he falls asleep). He is on anti-seizure medications.

    My nephew did lose his life that night, at least the life he was meant to live. Judge Jackson let the man go free who stomped on my nephew’s head and left the imprint of his sneaker on my nephew’s face. Judge Jackson is an incompetent and guilty person, just playing the lawyer and money game, not caring about victims at all.

  • Ron Miller

    I appreciate the comment Ms. Prince but I strongly reference again my earlier comment. People who have appeared before Judge Jackson who thinks he is an excellent judge are unlikely to search his name after a verdict and comment.

  • Rather not say

    I am filing a complaint against this judge, go to http://www.mdjccc.org it will give you instructions on how to file a complaint against a judge. This man ruined my families life, i refuse to sit back and let it hapeen any longer.

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