Teaching with PowerPoint

I’ve joined the 21st Century this year and started using PowerPoint in my insurance law class at the University of Baltimore School of Law. I’ve been a professor at UB for 11 years, teaching every semester. But after five or six classes using PowerPoint, I really can’t imagine teaching without it. It gives the students something more tangible to grab onto and I think it makes a difference.

The only caveat is that you become a little to wedded to the presentation which, if you are not careful, can present a barrier between you and your students. I felt it yesterday for a moment where I thought I was sticking too much to the outline and thinking where my next slide was going as opposed to truly listening to what the students were saying. I got back on track, but I think it is always something to keep in mind.

Anyway, I know for past comments to this blog that I have a few insurance law professors reading this blog. If anyone out there is teaching Insurance Law and is using PowerPoint slides or any other demonstrative teaching aids, I would appreciate it if you would send me what you have.

The University of Notre Dame provides a good list of tips for giving PowerPoint presentations if anyone is interested.

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