Personal Injury Law News

  • A Mississippi judge has overturned a massive asbestos verdict, the largest ever for a single plaintiff (though as the Pop Tort points out–see below–Mississippi’s damage caps kicked in). The judge who presided over the original case apparently failed to disclose that his parents were pursuing an asbestos claim against one of the defendants. There will be a retrial later this year
  • Uh oh. Personal injury lawyers v. criminal defense lawyers?
  • Yes, a woman hit and injured by the flying body of a man hit by a train while crossing the tracks can sue the deceased man’s estate. This scenario ought to make it onto the bar exam. HT: Overlawyered.
  • Those can-you-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-file-a-ridiculous-lawsuit cases you’re always hearing about? Yeah, they’re often either entirely made up or twisted beyond recognition.
  • A New York man’s family has been awarded $7.6 million in a wrongful death suit over a hospital’s failure to take out the man’s gallbladder promptly.
  • The Pennsylvania Superior Court has held that Pfizer has to pay more than $45 million to two women who sued, claiming that the hormone replacement drug Prempro gave them cancer.
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