Personal Injury Law News This Week

  • Medical malpractice caps do not lower healthcare costs. No kidding? (Sarcasm.)
  • How responsible should a property owner be for wild animals on the land?
  • Will we start seeing more bedbug-based lawsuits in Baltimore? The problem is, of course, taking a case to a jury with experts and getting a $40,000 verdict is probably not getting enough juice for the squeeze for the plaintiffs’ lawyers or the clients.
  • Toys ‘R Us has been slapped with a $20 million jury verdict in a case involving a woman killed when an inflatable pool slide partially collapsed. It’s a pretty horrific story.news1
  • The details just piled up to make this New Jersey auto accident case end in a pretty big verdict, $3 million: the victim was killed. By an off-duty state trooper. Whose blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. And who has already pleased guilty to drunken driving and vehicular homicide.
  • Aggrieved because the movie you paid good, hard-earned money for was nothing like you thought it would be? Crazy, right? These lawsuits make the whole judicial system seem broken. It’s not. But these are the snapshots some people are getting.
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