Information Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Use

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new product for malpractice lawyers called MedMal Reports. This company creates a report of the expected medical malpractice payout for a given case, based on the National Practitioner’s Data Bank. I received an email from MedMal Reports Chief Economist, Dr. David M. Frankel, asking if I might tell Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog readers about his new newsletter.

I get a lot of these emails and my first instinct was to press delete. But I took a quick look at the newsletter. If you are into the statistics of personal injury and medical malpractice cases like I am, you are going to love the newsletter. It answers the questions I have always wondered about: whether gender matters (it does not), and what is the optimal age of a plaintiff with respect to settlement/trial value of the case (30-39).

As always, good information is power. This kind of information does two powerful things for medical malpractice lawyers. First, it gives you ammunition to use in settlement negotiations. The majority of good medical malpractice cases settle. The battleground is usually over price, and detailed information that shows the value of your client’s case is helpful. The second thing it gives you is information to inform and educate the client in making the call as to whether they want to take their medical malpractice case to trial or whether to resolve it.

This is the first newsletter MedMal Reports has put out. I get the idea that it will be monthly. As anyone who blogs knows, it is hard to consistently put out useful and informative information. But with the analysis Med Mal Reports has done with the treasure trove of information the National Practitioner’s Data Bank provides, they are certainly armed with the weapons to continue to provide regular information of interest to health care negligence attorneys… both sides of the v.

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