IME Doctors Caught on Tape

The New York Times has a good article today on Independent Medical Examination doctors, including a doctor referred to by New York injury lawyers as “Doctor Says-No.” We have a number of IME doctors in Maryland that must be related to him because they have the exact same last name.

The New York Times would not have written this story if it did not have examples of patients possessing the great weapon of the modern age: “I’ve got it on tape.” The article has examples of doctors who told the patient one thing in the evaluation – which the patient’s taped with their phones – and put the opposite conclusion in the report.

In Maryland, our lawyers are seeing a new wave of IME doctors replacing the old guard of discredited doctors that juries stopped believing long ago. Below are a few tools to fight for your clients to get fair defense medical exams.

My colleague John Bratt is in the middle of a battle in a Montgomery County case where the expert is refusing to meet the very same conditions imposed against this same expert by a judge in another case we had with him in Montgomery County. In another accident case my colleague Rod Gaston has with the same doctor, the doctor was ordered to produce his financial records. Bizarrely, the insurance company withdrew the doctor but he still filed an interlocutory appeal. I’m looking forward to finding out who has been paying his legal fees for all of this. My bet: the insurance company.

(Note: I have fixed the New York Times link, as requested. Thanks to all for bringing it to my attention.)
The battlefield on this issue has a lot of nuance but what accident lawyers really want is to know how much money the expert makes from doing IME and other legal work and what percentage of the expert’s income derives for working for insurance companies in legal matters. Why? Because juries a smart enough to realize that doctors who make a great deal of money doing legal work are far more likely to match the profile of these doctors in this New York Times article.

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  • Veronica Willer

    My mother has been going through a nightmare with these fraudulent IME doctors. She just had her sixth IME in one and a half months, and this last one was so painfull, that even after taking pain medication prior to the exam, the testing caused so much pain she nearly passed out. Four days later she is still having masive pain in her neck and arm. She has spoken with a fraud investigator regarding possible signature fraud by her claims examiner for the self-insured overseeing her injury (he signed off on the job analysis, when only the treating physician is authorized to sign), but we are coming upon two years and she needs surgery. At this point, her doctors fear much longer and she will lose complete use of her left arm. I wish I knew how these doctors can sleep at night. I hope you all continue to fight for those with these injuries, so they can all get the treatment they deserve!

  • Rick Hamedl

    I presently have a Federal lawsuit against an IME doctor named Dr. [name deleted] who has offices in Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk and elsewheres’. He’s paid 100,000’s of dollars from MetLife and Verizon but don’t tell him that or his lawyers from Melville. This so called front company located in Seaattle Wash. ascts as the middle player so there is “no” connection btw. the crooked doctor, Weiland & Metlife disability dept. in Bloomfield Conn. It is one big game that my attorney will expose in Federal court come this Nov. Verizon hires all these players to do their dirty work, in this case, hires MetLife to get the workers back to work at “all costs”. Then you have the Union & National down in Wasington D.C. who turned their backs on me & my fellow Union workers. CWA 1101 is under investigation by the DOL & DOJ for stealing Millions of dollars from members union dues- Google May 15th Daily News article to see more about these crooked Union Officials who I’m suing as well. It gets better- the Union is well aware that the workers are getting railroaded when going to these IME exams & tell the workers the exam will be fair like I was initially told by my Union official. Then a letter is “dictated” to this company in Seattle by the doctor (Weidland)who “threw his notes out of my exam” to a company named MCN (the middle man in this game). A letter is then generated by a MetLife worker with NO medical expirence whatsoever in Conn. taking “stuff” from the MCN letter & making her own. The letter comes to your house telling you that your “fit” to return to work per the IME exam. Luckily in my case, a digital recorder went off in my wife’s purse recording the sham exam. THE DOCTOR NEVER HAS ME LIFT OR TAKE MY SHIRT OFF DURING THE SHAM EXAM AS HEARD BY THE RECORDER. YET THE LETTER FROM THIS GIRL FROM METLIFE STATES THAT I HAVE NO SPINE TROUBLE, DISCS PER DR. WEILAND. Yet an earlier MRI and then another one 4 weeks later state I have bulging, herniated & degenerative discs in my lower back & neck. Plus the earlier MRI report stated for the sham doctor (WEIDLAND) that I was born with one less disc in my lower spine which will lead to complications & recurrent back troubles going forward. My Federal lawsuit is against VERIZON, METLIFE, CWA 1101 AND THE NATIONAL down in Washington & the PHONY SHAM DISGRACFUL DIVORCED, CANCER SURVIOR IME “DOCTOR” WEIDLAND who is getting Millions to screw workers who are injured. I wanted to bring a class action law suit against MetLife for their treatment of CWA members & a Union official who makes $144,321 a year told a chief steward to tell me that the Union can’t sue MetLife or Verizon as long as you are still employed. That comment which was captured on my digital recorder as well breaks a labor law in itself..CWA 1101 is in bed with Verizon to surpress the workers and act like puppets so a few can take money under the table at the expense of ALL the 1101 MEMBERS ACHES !

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