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I Sued Someone Famous

I wrote earlier today about my concerns about celebrity lawsuits and how they distort the public perception of the merits of a typical personal injury case and of lawyers.shutterstock_144911764

By coincidence, Jay Hancock underscores this problem in the Baltimore Sun today, poking more than a little fun at a Maryland law firm that sent out a “look who I sued” press release that ended up sounding like a press release for the musician the law firm was suing (Ne-Yo).

There is another moral to this story: if you will put yourself out there, think about how you are doing it. Did anyone at this firm read this press release before it went out? Now, if you Google the law firm which is a fine one, you get this article third. That’s not good PR.

(I’m not naming the firm because I don’t want this blog post to be on the list.)

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