From My Mailbox

From my email box this weekend:

i need an example direct examination of liabiliy expert in snow/ice slip and fall case preferably illinois.

We have dedicated an area of our Personal Injury Lawyer Help Center to providing sample examination outlines and sample trial transcripts because our lawyers think it is really helpful to have real samples to review, particularly for personal injury lawyers who have not had the opportunity to try a lot of cases. We do this altruistically but also with a selfish motive: when counsel does their jobs correctly, it helps insurance companies properly value future claims. (Oh, and also: refer you case to us and share in the fee.)

I get a request like this a few times a week and I’m generally more than happy to help. And I’m sorry if this sounds petty. It probably is. But it takes me 5-10 minutes to find something that we have not already put on-line. But in exchange for those 5-10 minutes you think I could get a “thanks’ or even a “tnx” when making a request? Because I give a lot more respect to people I’m asking to do something that get a paycheck from me every two weeks. Tnx.

This came in response to my post discussing the difficulty doctors have in dealing with medical malpractice lawsuits, pointing out that good doctors make honest mistakes:

Nonsense! Good doctors making a mistake? No one can be subject of a legal action for only a mistake. In fact the law is very favorable to physicians. We are not talking of good doctors making a mistake. We are talking of the crooked, but also lazy and greedy ones. After all, if a doctor is not good enough that he/she makes “mistakes,” then why not finding another career? That is what people do all the time. No Sir, you want preferential treatment for doctors. That is why you attempt to confuse your reader by focusing on the good who makes one or two mistakes.

I love the notion that I favor preferential treatment of doctor. But I’m depressed by the notion that anyone believes a doctor who is a good person can’t make a medical mistake that badly hurts someone.

As the battle over health care reform reaches a feverish pitch, more opinions are forming on medical malpractice reform and everyone feels more compelled to use the extremist as an example of everyone who shares their view. Did you see Nancy Pelosi try to characterize everyone opposed to health care reform with swastikas because one person displayed one at a rally? Insane. But so is pretending that the only purpose of medical malpractice lawsuits is to pad the pockets of malpractice lawyers, which at least one editorial a day seems to allege.

Similarly, I think the “every doctor who commits an error is either ‘crooked’, ‘lazy or greedy’” outlook on medical malpractice just plays into the hands of people who want to limit the rights of malpractice victims because it makes everyone who supports traditional notions of civil justice in malpractice cases seem unreasonable.

I wait for every Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog post with baited breath. You are absolutely amazing. Is there any way to get notification the moment a blog post hits?

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