Vehicle Fatality Study

The Florida Department of Transportation recently did a study on motor vehicle crashes in Florida, with a particular focus on fatal truck accidents. The study found that trucks were involved in approximately 39% of all fatal truck accidents. In heavy truck accidents, 50 percent of fatalities occurred, not surprisingly, in vehicles that rolled over. Twelve percent of fatal truck accident in the study were head on collisions. Trailer rear and side underrides accounted for 28% of the fatal impacts among occupants in vehicles colliding with trucks. One interesting aspect of the study that is bound to generate interest is the study’s finding that of truck drivers involved in truck accidents that caused death, a one-quarter of the truck drivers were between the ages of 41 and 50. These are experience drivers who might have been considered the least likely drivers to cause a motor vehicle fatality. Another interested finding is that age, alcohol, and speed are less likely to be causal factors in a truck accident fatality than in other types of motor vehicle fatality.

Click here for the full 500 page report.

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