First Yaz Trial Pushed Back

The first Yaz birth control lawsuit, set to go on Monday, has been stayed. Judge David R. Herndon ordered the trial indefinitely delayed, appointing a mediation special master. The judge ordered Bayer and the plaintiff to engage in good faith settlement discussions.

Plaintiff’s Yaz lawyers have been eagerly anticipating this first bellwether Yaz trial. In these pseudo class action cases, the first few trials inform both plaintiffs’ yazlawyers and defendants about the real settlement value of these cases.

I can’t think that Bayer was racing to the courthouse steps to try their first case. If the first Yaz trial goes badly for them, and I think it will, the price of tea is going to go up dramatically. Bayer is between a rock and a hard place: Yaz is making them a fortune (although less so recently) and Bayer has kept Yaz on the market. If Bayer starts getting hit with verdicts, they are going to be forced to pull Yaz and start paying out big verdicts and, eventually, settlements.

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