Favorite Non-Legal Blogs

I was tagged by the Drug and Medical Device Blog with an Internet meme (I don’t know what this is but I get the idea) asking Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog to (1) to identify five non-law blogs that we find to be interesting, and (2) to tag five lawyers to do the same thing.

I’m glad to be included by the Drug and Medical Device Blog. I’ve made fun of this blog on many occasions because of its “ultra partisan” view on drug and medical device injury litigation. How do I know that their views are uncompromisingly pro-pharmaceutical company? Because I read every single post they write. Anyone involved in products liability litigation would be foolish not to read this blog. It is the most well-written and informative blog discussing drug and medical device litigation by a landslide. It is also – to the extent such a blog can be – funny and entertaining, which makes this blog all the more maddening to me: anyone smart and funny should be obligated to see the world though the same lens that I do. This should be a rule.

These are the non-legal blogs I like:

The Huffington Post – I do not like Michael Moore, even though we largely agree politically, because I think he is knee jerk closed minded in his view. I think the Huffington Post falls in this trap far too often, as well. Yet I find myself sneaking over to read it every day since Governor Palin was nominated. I’m like the guy looking at “The Kramer” painting on Seinfeld: “It hideous, yet I can’t turn away!”
Deadspin – An outside-the-box sports blog that presents the sports news of the day with colorful and funny commentary
The Daily Dish – I have mixed feeling on Andrew Sullivan’s views of the world but I just really enjoy his writing. (Same goes for George Will, even though I can’t understand half of what he writes.)

A Few Blogs I Tag:

The Illinois Trial Practice Blog – Evan Schaeffer keeps this discovery and trial tactics blog on message but hopefully he will indulge us by playing along.

Overlawyered – I disagree with Walter Olsen on a lot of issues but this is a quality blog that makes many good points and points out abuses to the legal system that we all need to be concerned about.

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