Famous People and Lawsuits

The worst thing going for the perception of plaintiffs’ trial lawyers – and by extension, plaintiffs – is famous people. Because they sue and get sued in a way that completely misleads the public as to the extent to which the civil justice system is misused.

Case #34,230,290: A $15 million “fear of AIDS” lawsuit has been filed by the ex-girlfriend of HIV negative former Baltimore Orioles (among others) second baseman Roberto Alomar for having unprotected sex with her when he had “reason to know” he was HIV positive or had AIDS.

The young lady is fine. This is not a case. I’m 99% certain as to how this played out. Correctly or incorrectly, she believes Alomar has HIV. She demanded a settlement completely out of line with the fact that she has no real injury simply because she could embarrass the Defendant who has money. He refused. She chooses the nuclear option of filing a lawsuit.

Believe me, if this is you or me in Alomar’s shoes, there is no lawsuit in 99.99999% of the cases. (I’m assuming you are not rich and famous. If you are, here is the link to US Magazine. Thanks for stopping by.) But the public sees this kind of stuff constantly and it bleeds into the public perception of plaintiffs bringing personal injury cases.

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