Exxon Verdict Overturned

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has overturned much of the $150 million dollar verdict that was awarded to Baltimore County residents whose properties were contaminated by a massive gasoline leak – 700 gallons of gasoline per day for 37 days – at an Exxon station. This verdict does not impact the second Exxon trial that was tried last year and lead to a $1.5 billion verdict (although if I were those plaintiffs, I would not start spending that money quite yet).

This is a 322 page opinion that contains tons of law: medical monitoring, Frye-Reed and other evidentiary issues, diminutive value, damage evaluations, emotional distress… and on and on. At some point I will might read this whole thing and try to break it down on this blog. But I can’t pretend I did this last night so to get more, you need to read the opinion (I’m not sure this Baltimore Sun article will get you very far but it does give a good flavor of the dispute).

I’m assuming this case is heading to the Court of Appeals.

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