DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, is removing its DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement system that reportedly has a high failure rate. Our lawyers are now investigating these claims around the country.

Experts are questioning why DePuy did not recall the DePuy ASR hip replacement system because it had a design defect that made it difficult to implant the hip replacement device properly. Specifically, orthopedic doctors question whether ASR cups were not designed too shallow. Like Zimmer implants, there is a real question as to whether the lure of profits pushed DePuy to offer a “better product” without properly testing whether the device would be safe and effective.hipimplant1

According to the New York Times, the F.D.A. has received about 300 complaints on the ASR involving patients in the United States who received it since 2008. The vast majority of these 300 patients who received ASR hip implants had to have the device replaced, requiring another difficult operation for patients.

If you believe you may have a potential DePuy hip implant lawsuit, our lawyers are now investigating these claims. Call 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation.

  • gab kobeck

    My husband is suffering two years after his Depuy Pinnacle hip replacment and is getting final MRI tomorrow to determine next steps. We are devastated that after going through the first surgery he will need another replacement.

  • John Smith

    I Have recently have had hip resurfacing ( September 2009), in the UK. I have had correspondence from the Hospital I had the procedure carried out advising of potential problems, I am concerned about any future problems that may impact my health.
    John Smith

  • Hope Lockhart

    My husband had his first THA done Oct 2008 using the Depuy Pinnacle. By February 2009 he was complaining about the pain he was experiencing. This went on for 9 more months. After 2 orthopaedic surgeons clearly did not want to deal with this mess, we had to go out of state to Johns Hopkins where we learned he had metal debris causing pain, swelling & permanent tissue damage. His 2nd surgery was March 2010, unfortunately he still has serious continuous pain everyday. He just turned 50 this week. Our entire family has been devastated. He is unable to work let alone just go for a casual walk. We are seeking legal advice.

  • Bart Harrison

    I had the same exact thing happen to me as Hope’s husband with the DePuy Pinnacle. I am having a problem getting an attorney to take my case against DePuy because it’s not the ASR. I don’t understand why, they are both metal-on-metal and failed in the same manner causing revision surgery.

  • Johnny Cardell

    My wife had her Depuy hip implanted in July 2006 and had complaints IMMEDIATELY, to the deaf ears of her surgeon. On and on she went back and forth with him and finally and ONLY after having another type of scan done ( for another thing), it was discovered the hip was coming out of the socket! Only after the implanting surgeon was notified by this doc, did he come forward to tell her to “get an attorney”, because “the hip is defective”! What a great GUY! What about the last two and one half years we are 99% sure he KNEW that there may have been a problem with Depuys, and shes complained, walks with a SEVERE limp, and her leg has now started turned in? FOUR years now and counting, and NOW its almost COMPLETELY out of the socket. We contacted an attorney. We pray something can be done.

  • Hope Lockhart

    We have not been able to get a lawyer to help us as well. One of the law firms we contacted said the Pinnacle complaints are starting to come in now, but we are 1-2 years away from a possible lawsuit. It has had the same devastating effects of the ASR! PLEASE launch a complaint to the FDA , I have. My husband has now dislocated his hip 2 times in 6 days this week.We are heading to Johns Hopkins which I am evry sure we will be seeing a 3rd operaion. This is absolutely horrific and wrong on so many levels.

  • Kathy Riedhammer

    I am so relieved to have found others with the Dupuy Pinnacle devastation.

    I had my replacement done on Sept. 24th 2007 and on this Monday, (Aug. 23rd 2010) I will be having it replaced. I found a new wonderful doctor in Albany, NY, who will do the surgery. I have had nothing but extreme pain and limited mobility since the first surgery.

    On Dec. 21st 2009, a 7cm x 4cm cyst was discovered and an unsucessful attempt was made to drain it. It is buried back in behind the blood vessels in my groin area. Come to find out the growth is a pseudo-tumor caused by the metal on metal. I have had a 3 dimensional body scan and numerous other tests ordered by the original surgeon. He has been acting as if this is “no big deal and if you need – take Tylenol.”

    I had contacted a law firm in San Francisco who eventually recommended a NY lawyer. This past week when we found out that I have the Pinnacle, the NY lawyer basically said that he could not do anything at this time. I felt going into this surgery that there was nothing that I could do, but finding all of you has given me hope that eventually I can have some recourse.

    If anyone wants to discuss this terrible problem, please contact me. I will be home recouping.

  • Karla Langton Nottingham

    My husband had hip replacement in Nov 2009 and per phone call to provider office today (scare with the recall in news yesterday) He has the Pinnacle system in. He has had issues & complained almost a year now. I am so relieved to hear that there are others with similar complaints as we were told that my husband was a one in a million. Going to attorney

  • Nancy Genet

    I had a hip revision using the Depuy Pinnacle system and had extreme pain immediately which continued until my surgeon discovered bt CT scans that I had pelvic fracures. The cup was loose and I had another revision surgery a year later.

  • Jennifer Pencille

    I had the Depuy Pinnacle placed Feb 2009. I am 37 years old and thought everything was going great until I was cleared to do light exercise by my surgeon and pop! Dislocated. In an ambulance I went. Never felt so much pain! Low and behold it happened 3 more times. Never knew when or where. I was scared out of my wits. Lost time at work and went through severe depression because of the financial hardship and pain. In December I underwent a revision and had a larger ball put in and my leg lengthened. It hasn’t happened since then. I have contacted a law firm on-line and we will see what will happen. My heart goes out to all the other people suffering.

  • Lisa

    They need to investigate DePuy Pinnacle Devices. I was 50 years old when I had my hip replacement and since then I have had three dislocations. Last dislocation occurred August 1, 2010. Doctor took an xray and said everything looks good and it’s in place where it should be. Well if that’s the case…why does it keep dislocating??? I’m so frustrated! Having to go through all this pain and then live in fear that it will dislocate again.

  • Nancy Genet

    I had a Depuy Pinnacle implant. It caused pain,fractures and dislocation. I underwent another revision a year later so I could walk. Success at last. Some surgeons are too eager to try new products that have not been sufficiently tested. Money appears to be the motivation for the surgeons and device makers.

  • Jeannie Blumenthal

    I have a Pinnacle implant. I began having problems about 9 months after surgery. The surgeon thought it may be tendions rubbing, but the noise became greater and greater. Went back to the surgeon and he heard it. Sent me for heavy metal testing. The metal on metal apparently has microscopic debris building up and causing the noise. He thinks it is compromised. Surgeon said we have to talk after the blood test results. My quality of life has tanked. The thought of going through this surgery again makes me physically and emotionally upset.

  • Kathy Riedhammer

    I have had my hip replaced
    since my last entry. I just filed a complaint about the Pinnacle with the FDA. It is pretty simple to fill out form 3500. Address:

  • Lisa berling

    I also have been told I do not have an ASR cup yet I have suffered for 6 years! In 2005 I had a THR with an metal SRom stem and a DePuy metal cup. I immediately heard clicking but was told I had snapping hip syndrome. This continued for over 2 years. I finally agreed to a tendon release surgery- feeling desperate because the pain was so bad. I could barely get through my day, ending up in bed by 7:00. This should not be…. I was only 43 years old.
    Once the surgeons opened me up, they discovered I had metalosis, cysts, bone loss, soft tissue damage and the metal parts had broken down in my body. They would need to do a total revision. In march 2009, I had a total revision. I still never felt well. In 2010, the doctors discovered I had an infection which resulted from the metalosis from the original surgery. Now, the doctors had to go back in and remove all the parts. I have been without a hip for 4 months. Attorneys only want to discuss the ASR but this is wrong! What about the rest of us!! I have had 7 years taken from my life and family!!

  • Vince Vail

    I had the DePuy ASR Hip put in on January 4,2010. Within 2 days of the surgery I had a feeling in the hip joint that is best described as a dial on a combination lock being turned. When I told surgeon he just said that they hadn’t heard of any such problems, so no one seemed concerned. At the 3 follow up appointments with the surgeons Physicians assistant I again told them about the feeling, but again it didn’t seem to concern them, I kind of felt like maybe they thought I was nuts. Since the last visit in July, I have been experiencing more hip pain like I had before the surgery. I am particularly upset with this recall because prior to the surgery I expressed to the doctor how important it was to know that the hip I was choosing to have put in was going to last me at least 20-30 yrs, which I figured might be the rest of my life. That was what I wanted to hear because I didn’t want to have to go thru this again. So Like I said I am extra perturbed, stressed and emotionally upset

  • Marti Bojuk Gellman

    I have the pinnacle hip replacement since 2005 and in the last 3 months it has become so painful that I can hardly even drive- it is my right hip. I am in pain all day and night.
    I can’t lay on that side and I can hardly lay on the other side as there is no place to put my leg that will not bring on the pain. My husband was ill for 2 1/2 years and I stopped working to take care of him. I now have no insurance until I turn 65 in a year and a half and no surgeon wants to see me. I am seeing my internist for this problem. I am really in a bad position. Who should be responsible for this metal on metal disaster?

  • Anonymous

    I had one hip done in 2005 and the other in 2006, and sine then i have complaint about pain in my hips, pelvic area and knee. I feel like the hip is out of socket and it makes a popping noise. I think that they need to recall the pinnacle because i read a lot of people are having problems with those hip also

  • angelina

    I’m a 45 yr old female that had a THR in 8/2008. (I say this is the day my life changed). It was a Pinnacle Hip metal on metal by Depuy. I had pain right away. Was this normal? I go to the Drs. for my check ups and he would say everything looks fine but I was not feeling fine. At a year and half I
    was having problems walking, suffering with thigh pain, hip and groin pain, inflammation, swelling and was having problems
    bearing wt with walking now. I even had to change my job due to the fact that I could not be on my feet for long peroids of time. Finally I went in asking for help was tired of taking pain meds everyday just to make it through the day.. I had numerous xrays,a MRI, Bone scan, nuclear scan, a procedure where they put a needle into the hip joint to extract fliud. Result show that there was something wrong. So I just had my hip replaced (again) 8/2010 and it was a good thing I ended up having metalosis.They replaced it with a Zimmer ceramic and I FEEL GREAT I have less pain! so far it has been only 6 weeks and I’m taking less medication than I was before .. I’m able to walk more than I could before surgery… So is it the hardware or what….

  • Hope Lockhart

    Well let me give you all an update you will NOT believe. On August 8,2010 after the revision surgery of 3/23/10 (leaving in the socket from the Pinnacle), my husband dislocated anteriorly (thru the front) & he was rushed to the hospital where they popped him back in using Propofol. He was told to baby the hip until we could see his doctor at Hopkins (8 days). Six days later while lying in bed, watching a movie with me, he turns 1/4 inch of a turn and POP out it goes again! Rushed him to the hosp via ambulance again, this time they call in an Ortho surgeon to POP it back in. He is then given a stabilizer in hopes we can make it to Hopkins on the 16th of August. We go down to see his doctor on the 16th and we are told he must wait 2 days to order the parts for his new hip (3rd full surgery in less than 22 months). We check into a hotel in Baltimore (we are from Bucks County, PA)and wait until Wed 8/18/10. He ends up having a reaction to the anethesia and had to be put into a drug-induced coma that lasted for 4 weeks. He was near death. Miraculously he has recovered with ALL Pinnacle parts from the first surgery removed. He was released from rehab 9/23/10 and is actually feeling a bit better. Finally, there is no more groin pain. He still has a long road ahead, but has a positive attitude this time. There are law firms now getting involved with the Pinnacle issues. One firm that contacted us is Weiz & Luxenberg out of NY. ( is a large firm. There are smaller firms as well that realize the Pinnacle mirrors the ASR. Good luck to all.

  • margaret garduno

    I had a pinnacle head replacement in december of 2008, i had pain from the very beginning when i was assured that pain would be gone. the replacement is wearing away the bone and is intensely painful and I have been told that it will have to be re-replaced as soon as possible. I dread this additional surgery but it causes so much pain an continual damage. I am very upset and have not known which way to turn, the doctor showed me the continued deterioration but has not given me any avenue to take, a new doctor plans to do a new replacement in January.

  • Jim

    I’m 46 yr old male, and just got a THR with the Pinnacle system (metal on plastic) in May of 2010. After months and months of physical therapy, the pain has got worse, not better. Met with my surgeon last week an it appears the implant is failing. He is giving it two months and told me not to walk (like I could if I wanted to?) and if it does not get better I have to get a revision.

    This is no way to live. Too bad they don’t publish these statistics so consumers can choose.

  • Juergen Schaberick

    i had a johnson and johnson dupoy pinnacle this past november 2009.when i awoke from sugery i started complaining of pain in leg.told normal from surgery..i accepted at time…it is now 11 mos later still weight bearing is painful and recently has started hurting in a different way while trying to lay down to sleep…i have had two mri’s that showed swelling in bone marrow in femur below stem…have just made another drs appt to discuss..I’m hoping for all the pain to stop so i can live a normal life again…this is the reason i had the hip replacement in the first place. i am 56 yrs old.

    Highly interesting facts on the ‘DePuy Kick-Backs for Surgeons’, but that is not all, it comes even worst for us as victims of the entire nightmare ‘hip replacement gone bad’. Wow, and now they start blaming us victims that we have caused the injuries?

    1. My right hip was replaced using one of the DePuy devices 2 days before Christmas 2008.

    2. For the first 3 months after surgery I was unable to lie down straight in bed, only changing certain positions hourly sitting in a recliner allowed me to bear severe and violent pain.

    3. Once I was ordered to walk on full weight, I was never able to walk more than half a mile without severe pain kicking in. Actually, to the day my hip replaced leg starts hurting badly when I walk only very short distances. Now, almost 2 years after surgery, many times severe pain kicks in when I just sit or lie down.

    My surgeon always suggested to be patient as recovery from a severe operation like that could take up to a year.

    4. The last time I saw my surgeon was a little over one year post-surgery. Again, I told him how severe my pains still were.

    5. During this past spring/summer I tried to see my surgeon again. Mainly because I was suffering more and more. Unfortunately, due to my long tern ‘Leave of Absence’ I had lost my job and all my benefits including health insurance. My surgeon’s front office told me over the phone that I would have to pay a fee of $160 just to see the doctor as an uninsured person. I thought that that was odd because my surgeon and office knew that I never had recovered from all the post-op pains.

    6. Just a short time ago I learned about the recalls and class-action lawsuits on the DePuy devices. Well, it took 4 phone calls and leaving messages with my surgeon’s office. Now, they finally returned my 4th call, and informed me that my hip replacement is a DuPuy device. Not without to mention that my hip replacement might not a DePuy device under the recall……Can you imagine a statement like that? To a patient who cannot sleep for more than an hour at a time because of severe pain in the area where hip was replaced?

    After that statement of my surgeon’s office, I am not just questioning the possibly illegal $114 million in kick backs to surgeons, furthermore I am questioning if surgeons are still paid by DePuy Orthopedics. Now, only to put up a ‘first line of defense’ against patients so they don’t participate in law suits.

    Worst comes worst:

    I was told me that DePuy is trying to get patients to sign medical release papers from hospitals. Supposedly, they claim that they would examine their bad devices. But I have also heard that investigators found out already that DePuy is destroying these devices in fact. All in order to get rid of evidence needed for class action law suits and upcoming trials.

    My personal situation and circumstances make me almost angry. I apologize for that, but meanwhile and gathering a lot of information, who knows whether it is just DePuy hip replacements on recall, or is it all of their hip replacement devices? My severe pain is constant and severe. It is no fun to be unable to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time, and that since almost 2 years. Having lost job, health insurance, and all the other benefits crippled me to a point that I had to file for disability.

    Will there be justice done to victims one day?

    Juergen Schaberick

  • Blythe Smith

    Does anyone have pain running down the front of his/her thigh? I received the hip in July 0f 2006, and the front of my leg has been hurting since then. I just don’t know whether to attribute it to the hip.

  • Hope Lockhart

    My husband Chuck had a horrific, life threatening summer. He suffered 2 hip dislocations 8/8 & 8/14. We went back to J. Hopkins 8/16/10. He was told he needed to have another hip revision and we would have to wait for the parts. His doctor was not sure why this had happened but he left in the Depuy Pinnacle socket during the previous revision 3/23/10 explaining that it looked to be placed correctly and it would be better for the healing process to leave it in. I insisted that it be removed this time. He had also gone from a size 40 ball (original Pinnacle) to a size 32, much smaller. I understood that with a smaller ball, it allows them to use a thicker liner, but he was still in horrendous pain, even after the revision. After the operation he told me that in fact the socket was not placed correctly in the original operation & couldn’t know that until he tried to place another one in its place. He went to a 36 ball. We were also told that due to the 2 hip dislocations he had torn the muscle right off the bone and would have to religiously be on a walker for a solid 2 months. On 8/21/10 Chuck was having a reaction from the anesthesia & morphine and became delusional in the early morning hours & ran out of the hospital. It took them a while to find him. He had crossed a major road which is equivalent to a highway. Baltimore police along with hospital staff bought him back. They put him in a drug-induced coma for 4 weeks which he contracted bilateral pneumonia & a pulmonary embolism in the right lung. We almost lost him. Amazingly his hip stayed in tack, running on it 48 hours after surgery. He is recovering from this ordeal after spending a week at Moss Rehabilatation center in Elkins Park, PA. He is on an antidepressant (thank GOD) and taking one day at a time. This ordeal has been the most challenging time in our lives.Our children have suffered terribly and we are in therapy. Chuck may never be able to work again. Shame on these pharmaceutical companies for the damages they cause knowing full well that these devices are defective & will damage people permanently. They should be completely put out of business in the United States. But we all know money is at the core & they will go on doing this because it is profitable.

  • L James

    Please, is there anyone out there having problems with the DePuy S-Rom Stem? I am having every single problem that they are having with the ASR that’s on recall! (and then some!)If you are please share!

  • L James

    Blythe, I have a lot of pain running down the front of my leg from the hip to the knee but of course the surgeon just says “hmmmm I don’t know what that is” well what do you say, lets find out!! I’m so tired of the games these doctors are playing enough already this is ridiculous! I’m so tired of not being able to trust them. All I want is help and for them to listen to me. What do you say stop overbooking and start paying attention, I really feel I deserve more than 5 minutes after all I feel I put my life in their hands they owe me at least that!

  • L Moore

    I have had a depuy S Rom. I have had swelling and told it was bursitis which happens pretty ofter. I also have cramps in my inner thigh from my knee to my gorin and spasams after the cramps. I am taking muscle relaxers for this problem. I have thigh pain sometimes when sitting for long periods of time and sometimes when walking. I have a burning pain in my hip area that was replaced. Does anybody have these problems?

  • L James

    L Moore, I also have the S-Rom stem and have every problem you’ve listed. I was also told bursitis, must be the new thing they’re telling everyone! I had the same burning and was told by P.A. it was nothing and all he did was look at my scar, go figure it was a Friday afternoon, he must have had big plans that night! Where’s the oath these people took?? I’m 53 years old and not ready to lay down and give up! I’m seeking help elsewhere and won’t stop until I get the help I need! Myself and my family have suffered enough! I’ll tell you all something else I will no longer purchase any Johnson and Johnson products until they step up and admit the replacement products are bogus! Research people! There’s a lot of information out there for all of us to gain back control of our health! The first time I read some of these blogs I cried like a baby because I realized finally that I wasn’t alone!! I wasn’t crazy like they would have me believe! I hope this helps you and others. We all need to stick together on this it isn’t a small problem, it’s huge!!

  • darrinanderson

    I had a total hip replacement on my left hip using dupey pinnacle metal on metal in 2006. I was 33 years old. To this day i still walk with pain and popping and grinding noises. Thought it is something i just have to deal with. I work in refineries as a pipefitter, and all the climbing and straining and akward positioning can really leave my hip hurting even more than usual. Lost more than one job over not being able to get up the next morning for work. I dont take pain medication, doesnt seem to help. Hopefully someone will hear our stories and believe us, the doctors dont seem to.

  • Chris B

    I have an S-Rom…my surgeon went with it due to the severe dysplasia and femoral deformity…so far so good…but still to early to really tell…it was about 3mon ago…this is some scary stuff here…hope I am not in store for bad things.

  • L James

    Darrin, don’t let these Doctors fool you, they believe us alright they just get a bigger kick back using these defective hips, if they were to actually let us see they are listening,then they would know we will pursue. We can be heard keep blogging all of your experiences we’re not the only ones reading these! Let yourself be heard we can take control! I am going to take this as far as I can because I need help! I have had blood work done testing for cobalt and chromium and low and behold high levels were found which means my blood is now becoming more and more toxic the longer this hip stays in. This is causing a lot of other problems in my body. The only reason this test was done was because I insisted (and not by the surgeon who gave me this wonderful hip I’ve been ignored by him for almost 4 years!!) Research, go to your primary care what ever you have to do to have yourself tested. If anyone would like to stay in touch and stick together this is my e-mail address but please stay on this blog so we can be heard. We need to share stories so we can all receive the help we need. I want to personally thank this law office for this blog it’s allowing us to share what we may not know other wise. My address:

  • L James

    Ok so I’m at the point of no return here! I’m desperate to find a new orthopedic surgeon, is there anyone who has had a hip done out there with no issues? I admit I’m scared. I’ve been lied to too many times. If your out there and have had your hip done for 3 to 4 years with no problems please let me know! I would really like to find a doctor from Boston or maybe Portland Me. Anyone?

  • Tami Mecone

    Hello. My name is Tami, I recently read your blog about the replacement you had and the issues you are still having with it. I had mine replaced in March 2010 and contine to have pain with it. I have the burning sensation at the surgical sight and the hip still grinds and pops at times. I have been told by my surgeon that this is normal that its the tendons and ligaments and nothing to worry about and the burning is bursitis. I had an injection for the”bursitis” a few months ago but the burning continues. It also feels as though it locks up at times. I can only sit about 1/2 hour or so before getting stiff and have to wait a minute to start walking once I stand up. I also cannot walk more than about half a mile before starting to limp again. This is so frustrating. I am a Medical Assistant which means I have to walk all day rooming my patients. This is jeopordizing my job not being able to be on my feet like I need to be. Please keep me posted of any new news reports you get. Thanks . TAMI

  • peggy obrien

    I had the s-rom hip replacement inj July of 2008, and the femur muscle did not stay attached. It tore and was compressing on the periformis nerve, which is next to siatic . I had to have a periformis release a year later to releive pain. Now in 2009, I came down with an autoammuine desease, had heart surgery , lung and esophugas problems, I cannot work any more, am so weak and fatigued. My muscles and tissue are affected also.After reading about the other law suit, this is the same things they are experiencing? I will be asking my doctor to look into my metal level to see if we can come up with anything. My family doctor couldnt believe how fast this all hit me? Never sick before this. Hope we can do something about it.

  • L James

    Peggy, I am experiencing everything your saying except the heart surgery! I feel like I wrote your blog!! Did your orthopedic surgeon listen to you? I’ve been telling my PC all if this (same as you exactly)and she has been trying to help me for almost 4 years to no avail. Finally after researching I went back to her to tell what I have learned and her mouth dropped. She had me tested for cobalt which came back at high levels. Now she wants me to find another surgeon because all of this is out of her league. I’m so confused as to what to do! Number one, what doctor wants to clean up someone else’s mess! I think I am going to document everything I’m learning and go back to the same surgeon and give him the option, just so I can say I did. He can’t possibly tell me I’m crazy, this is happening to too many of us with the s-rom stem pinnacle. He needs to proceed with testing, such as the mars MRI and an ultra sound as well as more blood work. Thank you so much for sharing, I for one have been helped a lot by what you have said! Please stay blogging, I really need your help and input.

  • L James

    Tami, I’m so sorry I seem to be having email issues. I’ve been having all of the same problems for almost 4 years now but has gotten much worse! You haven’t had your hip done long enough to realize any other issues your having may be related to the hip. I have been so sick and most of the time almost lifeless and until recently had no idea the hip could be causing all of it. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. WRONG!! I have also learned the cobalt that was found in my blood can cause lung issues! Go figure. I have been complaining to my PC for almost 4 years that I lost all my strength like my muscles felt as though they collapsed. We have my muscle enzymes tested quite often and the results bounce all over. The list goes on and on but what’s unfortunate is that our Primary care doctors are not prepared to deal with these problems. Mine is awesome but she says it’s out of her league, she would never have known the hip was causing any of this if I wasn’t researching myself. So talk to your doctor and tell what your reading, I found I have to be in control, it’s my life being messed with! I’m 53 but feel 80, it’s got to stop and I feel we all agree. Please stay in touch!

  • Bruce Woehlke

    I received just the DePuy Cobalt stem on Dec 24,2008. I fell on ice at work and had the only workman’s comp surgeon in our town do the surgery. I had my leg turn out just 1/2 inch shorter and so I used a shoe insert. It has been 2 years almost and I have been having pain on the side of my hip. Also after a long day on my feet at work, I have a sound like bones hitting together on that side, when I go down stairs or off a curb. Dr says brucitis and gave me a cortisone shot today. Prescribed anti-inflammatory to go along with it. I am not sure what to do now. I am 63 and still working. Drive almost 35k miles/year and this is very uncomfortable and when I get out of the car, I have to just stand for a minute to get everything ready to walk. I lost a lot of leg muscle since they went in through the back side.



  • peggy obrien

    To L. James, I cant believe this is really happening to people. I have been doctoring with 6 drs. on a steady basis for my autiomunne problems. My pc called me this aftrernoon and I told him what I discovered about the s-rom. He is sending my orthopedic dr a letter telling him what all I am going through and requesting that he immediately follow up and let me know what needs to be tested on me to rule or rule out that my hip is the cause? I am so thankful for him. Hope we can start to prove these issues and get things fixed before it kills me? Glad to hear from you. please continue.

  • L James

    Peggy, it’s nice you have these doctors on your side, have you read the cases about the two guys in Alaska and what has happened to them? It’s scary! I go back to the ortho on Jan. 5th, hopefully he’ll be honest with me and start running other tests. If not all I can say is I gave him a chance! We all need to be diagnosed with these defective hips and then report it to the FDA so we can move on with it and get the help we all deserve! Good luck Peggy and please keep blogging!

  • roger

    I recieved my hip in sept of 09 . I started with pain in the groin area and then my hip started to collapse when I was walking. I went back to the Doctor who put the hip in they had me on a table in the hospital put me out and moved my right hip around. They must of popped something back in. I was referred to a hip specialist in grants pass, oregon. He did a mars image which is the top of the line . they sent me home said to go to a phyisical therapist to make my muscle better. I work out 3 times a week water walking and just walking. My problem is still present . I see I am not alone and that they yet to have found this hip problem. My Doctor in grants pass, oregon was on a phone call to the Doctor in England who first had run into the problems with the pinnacle.

  • L James

    Hi Roger, When you had the MARS MRI what did it show exactly? I have the same problem with my hip feeling as though it is collapsing in fact I started using my cane again which wasn’t helping so I find myself having to use my crutches so all weight is off.

  • ouch

    I had THR in Feb 2010 using the DePuy Pinnacle and have been in more pain than I was before surgery, can only sit, walk or lie down for short periods of time. Complaining to the surgeon and his staff only made them become defensive and I was written up as ‘exagerating’ pain. I asked for a referrel. Finally, after 9 months and further testing by the new surgeon it was discovered I have a fractured femur, caused during surgery by the implant. Apparently, my leg should have been wired at the break and I should have stayed in hospital, but I was released and told to quit whining, be glad I wasn’t in a wheel chair, go to physio and get back to my life. I tried working through the pain to strengthen the leg. This only increased my pain and further stressed an already fractured femur. Don’t believe what you hear about Canada’s system, it’s terrible and most of the health care employees have egos bigger than Texas!

  • Howard Kaplan

    I had a DePuy hip replacement implanted Sept., 2009 and have lately been experiencing problems with it.

    How do I find out which implant I received and whether it’s covered under any recalls?

  • L James

    Howard, you need to contact your orthopedics office and they have to tell you which one you have. Mine actually sent me a copy of my operative report. As far as whether it’s covered or not you need to read all blogs and research, your guess is as good as everyone else’s. Good luck!

  • Rick McPherson

    I can’t believe the law firms can have all these complaints times whatever number hasn’t been here, and not file. What are you waiting for, a slam dunk? Go figure. I had the pinnacle installed in sept of 07 and it was nothing short of a disaster. It kept me down and in pain for two years. We almost lost our home and in order to keep it I had to auction off the tools I make a living with. I sold over 80,000 dollars in tools and equipment at auction and received 10,800. It was horrible. September of 09 I had the revision and still the depuy sleeve is in me and I am having trouble with that. What are you waiting on attorneys? Get er done!!!!!!

  • JIM



  • L James

    Hi Jim, It’s a little scary to me that even a P.A. can’t get a doctor to listen! What are they thinking?? If these doctors would just research like we are all doing they might learn something. I found a new site that tells about the cobalt levels. My ortho keeps telling me he doesn’t know anything about the levels! Well if I can find info on it don’t you think he should be able to? It’s and very interesting. My levels 3 months ago were 1.4 we just retested last week and I’m still waiting for results. I have the s-rom stem depuy hip, the one that never went through clinical trials before the FDA approved it, lucky me! I should say lucky all of us for receiving these wonderful defective hips! Good luck, we’re all going to need it!

  • L James

    I have a question, half my problem is that I can’t explain what’s happening to me and when I do the doctor looks at me like I have 3 heads or his first response is that’s not your hip! It is my hip and the problems aren’t always in the same spot! Now I’m experiencing something on a regular basis, every morning when I get out of bed and try to stand my hip turns to jello and I need my cane not a lot of pain associated with it at this point just jello! Anyone else have this problem?

  • Jay

    Does anyone have similar problems (including metal toxic type problems and related other) but not from Dupuy hip implants but rather from a Dupuy ‘spinal’ implant? Had spine implant back in early 90s and had severe problems directly after and a continuing illness of a progressive nature. The facility who did the implant surgery and their doctors have been trying to hide info about the implant ever since, as well as trying to dismiss problems from (& ignoring documented results from other reputable medical facilities,). Another, who had the same implant at same place and time and with similar medical problems, has experienced same difficulties trying to get help from this particular facility. We can’t even get any info from them about our implants, which I thought that certain info regarding one’s implants were legally required to be given to the patient due to any problems with, recalls, etc.

    I’ve seen medical articles about metal debris from spinal implants and causing problems like toxic neuropathies, and other problems with immune system, etc., and finding evidence of toxins from hair analysis in patients with spinal implants (and hip implants) including the bad chromium, and infothat this bad chromium is known to be in medical implants.
    Would like to hear from others with similar problems from Dupuy and other spinal implant and from anyone with any info or comments about any of this. I’m very ill and tired of not getting the appropriate and proper help due to the truth being hidden to protect those who have financially benefited from the lucrative business of medical devices.

  • L James

    Wow Jay your story is heart wrenching! I had no idea DePuy did all these implants and for so long! I was told if I was given a hard time about receiving info on my implant that the facility where your surgery was performed will have that info for you, or your primary care doctor should be able to get it for you. Johnson and Johnson, such a wonderful company! They need to be put out of business! I personally have boycotted their products since receiving this bogus hip. Did you know that instead of owning the problem with Tylenol children’s products awhile back they hired people to go into stores selling the bad products and buy them up, until it got out of hand and they had no choice but to recall the product! Had I known then what I know now I never would have agreed to this product!! Good luck to you, this is bigger than all of us!

  • Juergen Schaberick

    My surgery was in December of 2008. Never recovered, still in violent pain at all times. Medical device is the DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal. Facts and lots of links to ongoing investigations about Depuy, doctors and lawyers in the DePuy case at

  • Juergen Schaberick

    My surgery was in December of 2008. Never recovered, still in violent pain at all times. Medical device is the DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal. Facts and lots of links to ongoing investigations about Depuy, doctors and lawyers in the DePuy case at

  • steve crawford

    I was given a depuy hip in 2001 and the hip was never right I have over 10 years of doctors reports claiming the hip never was right. Chronic pain and pain pills use for over 8 years. My hip was the depuy srom hip. Why is the srom not a recall item my hip causes me sever chronic pain for over 8 years

  • L James

    I am in a dilemma, I was tested for all heavy metals 3 and 1/2 months ago because I have symptoms of poisoning, this was by my PC not my ortho because he just puts me off! One week after the blood was taken at the one lab outside of the hospital the hospital called and wanted me to retest because the first test was put into the wrong tube and could not be read. They told me this test is quite rare and has to be done properly by someone that knows what they are doing. So I went and retested and it came back with a very high level of cobalt 1.4 to be exact, keeping in mind 0.05 is toxic! So after 3 months of being patronized by my ortho once again, he agreed to retest. The test came back 0.0 level. After all of my own research I have found this to be impossible that the body can not rid itself of these ions! My blood would have to be cleaned for this to happen. His response to this is “a false negative is much better than a false positive” Can anyone tell me just what this means and am I crazy with thinking I still have to have the high levels and the test was done wrong just like the very first time and wasn’t caught by the lab this time around? I hope I’m making sense with all of this! I’m also being sent for the MARS MRI after insisting they find one, that was like pulling teeth! Of course this isn’t going to help the blood situation but will show (hopefully) why I’m in random pain that’s unbearable! If any of you can give me some advise it would be greatly appreciated!

  • richard becher

    since we are all having problems with the pinacle hip replacement component, all of us need to sign a document re the problem. we them submit it to the fda or we all ,in our state, try to get an attny to file a class aqction suit.i know my problem is different from someone else but we need to try

  • steve crawford

    Hello, this email is to inform you of my dilima in 2001 I was given a total hip replacement surgery. The implant was the Depuy s-rom with a ACETABULAR shell the surgery was on schedule and for the first year all was good. after 4 years I started to have extreme pain in the hip and groin areas “CHRONIC PAIN” I have been seeing a local doctor here in Hemet Ca and he tells me the hip needs to be replaced this was over 5 years ago. I am currently on high doses on pain medication and I am on S.S.I. disibility all becouse of my hip surgery now my life is very difficult do to the “CHRONIC PAIN” and I need some help here. The Srom hip is a meteal on metal hip design wich is also true with the asr also the the acetabular shell is the exact same as the ASR. Why is it that becouse I have the srom and not the asr I can not get any help my hip features the same construction and has the same design. Please help if possible I have medical documentation that supports my claim a huge file ful of MRI’s, Bonescans and pain medication perscription list that is very “SAD” Ihope there is a solution.

    Thank You
    Steve Crawford

  • Lori

    My than (43)year old husband had a hip revision done in Nov 2006. (Depuy pinnacle) that had to be removed on Oct 2007 due to being loose and never adhearing to the bone and infection. From day one coming out of anesthesia my husband kept telling the doctor that it wasn’t right and something felt wrong. Of course the doctor would not listen (He has had hip replacements on both hips so he knew what he should feel like.) The Doctor just kept telling him give it 6 more weeks and never got off pain meds. He had the hip removed and an antibiotc pack put in for 3 months. (which he layed in bed for) He then had to have a full hip replacement (Zimmer) (Jan 2008). Upon coming out of that surgery he had drop foot and severe pheriphral nerve damage. He is now on very high doses of pain medications along with antidepressants due to the pain and not being able to walk, stand, lay whatever there is never a comfortable position. In the past year we have learned he now has RSD which is due to the nerve damage. Never did any doctor explain or tell us that these kind of problems could result from hip surgery. Of course they say his drop foot and nerve problems are listed as complications from surgery and NO ONE is liable. According to statistics this is only common in older patients and 1% of patients. I have contaced 6 different attorneys and they all said they could not do anything for us. I have a 48 year old husband with no prospects of ever getting better only worse.

  • Bill Jones

    The complaints about the Pinnacle Cup Stsem being the next DePuy recall are right on. Although the cup design is different,both sytems are constructed of DePuy’s “Ultamet” cobalt chtome alloy. Unlike other systems, the DePuy components are “triple-heat-treated[sintering,solution annealing and hot isostatic presurizatiin]. This dramatically decreases the large block carbides on the bearing surface leading to high metal wear and fragmentation. Attention must be given to DePuy’s proprietary alloy,Ultamet…it needs to be OFF the market !!

  • W. Maines

    I had a Depuy SROM replacement on 6/05. I experienced pain from the beginning on my right side. I had my left hip done 9 years prior and it is still much more pain free. My doctor tells me it is pain caused by the back, but I know what hip pain is like from experience. I have pain in my thigh, lower back and where the joint connects. I have little ability to bend on my right side as well. I have been to pain management for different treatments to my back with no results. As I stated , I made a very good recovery from the left hip replacement, a Johnson and Johnson, and know what the rehab is and results of same. the right hip has never been quite right.

  • depuy hip recall lawyer

    living while suffering with the result of surgery is not good. especially to those elderly who often patient of this operation. i hope there’s a solution on this.

  • thornton smith

    to those who have discussed their problems with the s-rom hip and acetabular cup, i had all those symptons, along with doctors saying nothing was wrong with me. go back. a large portions of my hip bone are gone along with much of the connecting tissue due to adverse reaction to the wear particles. the present surgeon said if it had been recognized properly several years ago, it would have been an easy fix . i also have the zirconia femoral head. best of luck

  • Gail

    I have been told by two orthopedic surgeons that I need both hips replaced due to OA. Having read all of your heart breaking stories, I ask if you had to do it all over again, would you opt for the pain and limp of the OA, or go through with the surgery? Thank you and I extend my sympathy to all of you for the unspeakable pain you have suffered at the hands of uncaring “professionals”.

  • In may1,2006 I had a hip replacement I was 51 at the time I had a Biomet taperlock system,it was never right. Three months later I started to complain within 8 months it was painful and only got worse as time went on I had to get up hip my hip stand for awhile until I could put weight on it. I went back to the doctor that had done the surgery and he said nothing was wrong I went to my family doctor everymonth i was put on heavy pain killers, I was on them threw day one at the end I was taking 18 10mg methadone a day and more I was getting 360 pills pure month then I was getting 360 twice a month a still in horrible pain. I was falling asleep and or in pain my relationship with my soon to be husband was strained to say the least, we use to go camping,racing, and many other things,our sex life was no where, what it was and then my right hip started and I got that checked and rechecked and also I was telling the doctors my left leg was killing me. then I went again and now I find out my right hip blew out. I sure it was from over use. I had that done on Feb 10,2008 I came home and things weren’t right I was sleeping alot Keith, was so sick of it all he went out and was drinking and the next thing I knew there were police at my door. Keith was dead, a car crash my brother came down and I was acting so strange and almost falling down saying I had to take my son somewhere they called 911 and taken to the hospital, I had a fever of 105 plus. at that time I was found to have mrsa in my hip and blood and I was given 24 to 36 hours to see if I would live my poor son was 18 and was a total mess. I went on to have mrsa for over a year and seven surgerys and a pick line so I could get my med threw that made my eyes loss some sight each time, my sister found this colidal silver that they said would kill mrsa and it did. until them they didn’t know if I would make it.I did but the pain in my left leg was there and getting worse well it took me going to hospitals everyday and finally at a hospital I finally got a doctor which did x-rays in many diffrent ways and finally I found the problem. my ball had fallen apart and the screws were already scratching my bones and I had to have to more surgerys one with a pick line and a spacer and and then sixs more week I had the new inplant in. this was in Feb10,2010 I had went threw three law firms that told me they could help but in the end they couldn’t it wasn’t the right inplant they were doing and now I found one with the right hip and I now worry about the time limit.I only pray it all works out now I’m living of disabilty and it’s hard. six years ago I had sixty-thousand in the bake now I have nothing my hips still hurts after being down for over a year and a half it was hard to get up and around my muscles were all gone. I feel if the doctors would have done the proper test life would be so diffrent now they have destroyed my life.and I sure did alot of bitching and I did all I could to help aware the other hip can be effected.I still can’t believe all of it.

  • Shelley Smith

    Hi my name is Shelley and I had a hip replacement back in 2006 of June. I had problems with it since I had it done. In Nov.of 2006 had a blood clot so he had to go back in and take care of that. He had to go back in dec of 2006 and here to find out I had a infection that was eating me from the inside out, that is how he put it. So he ended up doing lipo on me to get rid of all the infection so their went my main muscle and was on a pic line for 6 wks. I am still in pain, my limp is even worse, can only stand for about 5 to 10 min at a time and now my other hip is going bad cause all the weight bearing is on that hip. I go to see a attorney and hoping he can do something cause I know I need a new one but afraid of what kind they will put in this time and will it be better.

  • Stacy B.

    Hi My name is Stacy and I have had 3 surgeries on my left hip, in 2000 I had an arthoplasty, did well for about 6 yrs. Than in 2006 I had a replacement, had problems from day one. The most excruciating pain I have EVER felt in my life. 7 months later in 2007, Dr. went back in for “Exploratory” surgery. Took my bursa out, STILL pain and he has no idea why. Have been to numerous Dr’s over the past 6 yrs, and physical therapy, and lots of different pain meds. Have had a lot of other medical issues arise since all of this. So I have taken it upon myself to do some research and have found some interesting things out and have gone to my family Dr.( whom at this point is the ONLY Dr. I trust) He had a cobalt test ordered,because I have read things about the hip I have in my body, it is a DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet. My cobalt level is 2.6. He is not sure what to high is, but he wants me to go to Mayo Clinic, but have to sign a waiver that I am not going to seek legal help if needed. I also went back to the SO called Dr.that put the hip in and he said I am fine, but he would do another Exploratory surgery to see if my tendon tore again and if I wanted him to he could take that hip out and put a new one in, Now my husband and I are wondering if he is trying to cover his butt. And does anyone know what to high of a cobalt level is and when I should get a revision and an attorney. I feel more confused now than when I started this process. I am 48rs. old and have been going through this for 6yrs. and I am quite frankly sick and tired of being in pain. It has also messed my back up and I am now on Disability,which I NEVER thought I would be on. This replacement was suppose to give me my life back and all it has done is taken more and more of it away. I would appreciate ANY help and answer’s I can get at this point. I really Do Not know what my next step should be..Help Thanks Stacy
    P.S Did I mention how thankful I am that I did not get the right hip done 8 wks.after the left one, as planned. Who know what kind shape I would be in if I had.

  • steve ferretti

    Id like to hear from anyone with problems from depuy’s S-ROM hip replacement.

    Thanks steve

  • Bea M.

    my husband had a total hip replacement done in Jan. 2011 and nothing but trouble and going down hill fast. Having new one done soon. The hip he has now ia a DePuy S-Rom Sure wish we had known more about these hips before the Dr. chose which to put in.

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