Dr. Bruce Ammerman

Dr. Bruce Ammerman, a neurosurgeon and frequent expert in Maryland personal injury cases, died this morning at his office of an apparent heart attack.

Our lawyers have had a number of cases both with and against Dr. Ammerman. All of the litigation cases we had with Dr. Ammerman were when we were defense lawyers. In the last seven years as plaintiffs’ lawyers, we have not had any litigation cases with him and have had him on the other side many times. Yet he is one of the few defense medical experts – although he also testified for plaintiffs occasionally as well – that our lawyers would also send our clients to see if they needed a quality neurosurgeon. Many of our current clients were patients of Dr. Ammerman. Beyond that, in spite of the litigation environment that often leads to a contentious relationship between opposing experts and lawyers, I have never heard any lawyers, who may have disagreed with his opinions in a case, say anything bad about Dr. Ammerman personally because he commanded respect and treated everyone with respect. He will be missed.

Funeral services Thursday August 9, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. at Temple Beth Ami, 14330 Travilah Road, Rockville, MD.

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  • Ann Watson

    i worked with Dr.Ammerman at Sibley Hospital and found him to be just as your comments reflect,a respectful caring physician whose first concern was always the patient.He will be greatly missed.

  • Elaine Gladhill

    Although I never knew Dr. Bruce in his profession, I knew him as a neighbor, one that cared about our area in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. He purchased a home in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. He care about preserving the mountain land and became involved in saving land from residential development that encased the Wetlands of Happel’s Meadow. He enjoyed his old Dodge truck and riding 4 wheelers here in Blue Ridge Summit. I will miss you my neighbor.

  • michel cadeaux

    Bruce Ammerman was a good friend of my cousin Robert Cadeaux and there where met Bruce. I saw him on Monday afternoon when I went to the bank, and I said hi Bruce and he said how are you doing Michel, and then I went to the bank next to get change and the teller ask me If I knew Dr Ammerman and I said yes I saw yesterday and she told me that he died, I was very very depressed, I am going to miss him a lot, very sorry about your loss, he was a great man and great doctor

  • Alan Shankroff

    I came to know Dr.Ammerman during my association with the University of Maryland athletic department. Dr. Ammerman served as the neurosurgical consultant to the Terps.

    Beyond his highly skilled clinical abilities he had an unparalled abiltiy to put patients at ease and to explain complex information in a way that was understood and reassuring.

    Additionally, he was generous with his time. I am appreciative of the time and attention that he provided to me early in my career.

  • Ron:

    Services for Dr. Ammerman at Temple Beth Ami were attended to capacity. It was an honor to be a part of the tribute to this man and learn of the many other aspects of his life from community & civic service to a very rich family life he enjoyed.

    In my experiences, whether in the court room, hospital room or otherwise, Dr. Ammerman always carried himself with a sense of dignity, respect and pride in what he was doing [sometimes confused with arrogance by those who didn’t know him].

    I knew Bruce first as a defense lawyer before I ceased practicing insurance defense and swtiched to our side representing the injured. I never had the unfortunate luck of being on his opposing side. I came to know him much better when he treated my wife for her cervical injury and did her surgery.

    The memory that most sticks out for me about Bruce is that morning of my wife’s surgery. I sat in the chapel [regardless of being Jewish, it is a quiet place]at Sibley with my daughter napping in her stroller as it was the only quiet place for her to nap and for me to get a hold of my nerves as they put my wife on the operating table. Dr. Ammerman came out afterwards and greeted me personally in the chapel with a warm hand and assurred me with his confident way of being that she did great and would hopefully receive some relief. While my wife did not quickly recover from the surgery and nearly a year had passed, coincidentally she has over the past summer recovered enough to be able to work again with today marking her first day back at work. I regret that we did not let Dr. Ammerman know before his passing of my wife’s improved status. He for me represented what true success means and what many of us should strive to be more like.

  • David M. Pagnanelli

    To me, Bruce was a gentleman, a teacher, and a friend. I have always had great respect and appreciation for Bruce and his father. They have helped guide many neurosurgeons into a wonderful career and helped us maintain professionalism and honesty in our dealings with patients. This is a terrible loss for all of us, and even more so for the neurosurgery residents that will not have his guidance in developing their careers. My heart goes out to Joy and all of his family. He will be missed and always remembered.

    David M. Pagnanelli, M.D.

  • Fran Robertson

    I just learned of Dr. Bruce’s sudden passing today and I am in total shock.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Bruce since 1996. He performed surgery on my cervical spine for 3 herniated disks from a fall. He also treated me for lumbar injuries I sustained from two rear ended car accidents in 1998 and in 2000. He was a very caring, honest and gentle doctor who showed geniune concern for his patients. I last saw him in July.

    He was one in a million and I am very grateful for all he did for me. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

  • Robert O. Copito

    I was operated on by Dr. Ammerman a little over ten years ago for 4 broken pieces of a disc in my neck. To say that I was nervous about the surgery was an understatment. I had a friend who had been operated on twice by Dr. Ammerman, each time with excellent results. I interviewed several doctors before selecting Dr. Ammerman and was very pleased with both his manner and the results of the operation. He knew just how to deal with me and for many years after the surgery, when pain would flare up, I would invariably go see him for his excellent counsel..normally, take some Alleve. I became very reliant on him and am now at a loss as to what to do without him. He was first and foremost a gentleman, secondly an excellent surgeon and of course, a family man. He will be sorely missed by many people, including myself. I wish his family comfort in knowing what a difference he made to literally thousands of lives, including my own. I will miss him and am deeply saddened by his passing. What a legacy this fine human being has left! Bruce, go in peace, we all thank you for your kindness and skill, from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Robin Perry

    I knew Dr. Ammerman from working in a personal injury law firm that used him. He was always pleasant and was a very nice person. He will be missed greatly.

  • Mark S Spring

    We moved to South Carolina just fond out about the lost of Dr. Bruce I met DR. Bruce in 1980 along with his father Dr. Harvey.They preform 3 surgerys on me and one on my wife he will be deepley miss as a Doctor,man and friend

  • Brian Hobbs

    I learned of Dr. Ammerman’s passing a few months afterwards and just now found this site and would like to record my appreciation for such a fine man and professional. Dr. Ammerman operated on me twice and both times i had absolute confidence in his abilities which put me much at ease. He had a gentle and humerous touch about him. He asked me on the second surgery as he walked into the operating room seemingly in a hurry with a wooden box (of drills possible) in his hand if it was still my right leg causing the pain. I said no Dr. Ammerman it is my left leg… he knew that he was just messing with me. I will miss him tremendously and can only hope if i need help his son will come to my assistance. I feel for his family’s loss and thank god for the acquaintance of this fine human being with a wonderfull talent and skill. I will miss you my friend, Dr. Ammerman rest in peace, may perpetual light shine upon you for eternity.

  • Dr. Ammerman was a great doctor, and a great man. He will be fondly remembered.

  • Stephen Carrig

    I’ve just found this website and would like to add my own note of appreciation for Dr. Bruce Ammerman’s magnificent gifts as a medical doctor, surgeon, and friend. His good hands brought comfort and healing to many of us over the years.

    My second career has been spent as a Foreign Service officer, US Department of State. In the late 1990’s I returned to Washington following several consecutive postings in distant and war-torn locals.

    One consequence of that time abroad was a series of back injuries that eventually required medevacs from Abuja and Karachi, treatment in Istanbul and London, and seven separate surgeries in New York and Washington.

    Bruce and then his son, Joshua, worked miracles in getting me up onto my feet and back into the field. But it wasn’t Bruce’s technical expertise that first had me put my trust in him. I wouldn’t learn about his skills’ proved effectiveness until after that first operation at Sibley, of course!

    Rather, it was his open manner, concerned approach to his patients, and his sincere belief each of us was worthy of his absolute best efforts, that convinced me I’d at last found the right doctor, indeed the right family-of- surgeons practice for my care.

    Every time I pass by those offices on New Mexico Avenue, I am reminded that Bruce, too, is in good hands now. He certainly earned it.

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