Discovery of Injury Victim’s Social Networking Sites

There is another good blog post from the Drug and Device Law Blog this time regarding electronic discovery with respect to on-line diaries and the social networking like Facebook and MySpace. I have not had this issue arise with one of our clients but it is only a matter of time. Anything on there inconsistent with plaintiff’s complaints is going to be used against them (as it should in most cases).

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  • Thank you for the refernce to the e-discovery article on the Drug and Device Law Blog. It was helpful in one of my blog posts. We just recently had a case in the Seattle news where Chrysler lawyers subpoenaed a badly crippled 21 year old girl’s MySpace records. It appears social network sites like MySpace are being check by defense lawyers as a matter of course now. E-discovery is here to stay and plaintiff attorneys need to be prepared for such requested aimed at their clients.

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