Denver Motorcycle Lawyer Comment

I received the following comment in my inbox on Monday morning:

I was just made aware that if the person who hit you is under-insured, you may be able to use your own motorcycle insurance or even your car insurance for compensation.

At first glance, I thought it was a strange thing to share with me. Then I looked at the author: Denver Motorcycle Lawyer. The website attached to the link is “Denver-Motorcycle- Lawyer” and apparent solo practitioner Scott Sullivan. I’m not linking to the site because I don’t want to aid and abet this effort.

I have a few thoughts here. First, don’t spam me. Second, if you have to spam me, do not make it something that on its face makes you look awful. Pretending that you were “just made aware” that there may be an underinsured motorist claim in a motorcycle accident while you are holding yourself out as Mr. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? Not a good idea. Have we gotten to where personal injury lawyers cannot even give us good quality spam?

The competition for Internet traffic for personal injury lawyers—particularly accident lawyers since that is the one thing everyone and their mothers seem to think they can do—is increasing exponentially. I’m feeling it from other Maryland accident lawyers. In response to this competition, everyone is looking for that extra edge. Here, either Scott Sullivan or someone working on his behalf took this competition one step too far by spamming a blog.

If Eric Turkewitz is right, the real irony is that this comment spam does not do much to help your website. In response to spam that he received, Turkewitz writes:

… I think that there is very little that is actually gained by the spam. There is no link juice, since comments on blogs are routinely set as “do not follow” so that Google doesn’t give them any link love. Their pagerank doesn’t benefit from the practice.

If someone is doing this for Sullivan, he is hurting his reputation as a lawyer while accomplishing nothing. It is like a Minnesota Timberwolves trade. My advice: fire your web guy/girl and hire either OptiLaw (410-604-1200) or Justia (1-888-JUSTIA1) and have them do your website or blog for you.

Spam bothers me less than the average person. I also don’t take offense to cold calls, unwanted faxes, etc. It is not worth getting worked up over. But I just really don’t like personal injury lawyers spamming anyone. This stuff underscores that for all the misleading attacks on lawyers, the reputation wounds to accident and personal injury lawyers are self-inflicted.

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