Defensive Medicine and the Congressional Budget Office

Obama’s original health care bill is dead on arrival because after the Congressional Budget Office — the nonpartisan gold standard of objectivity according to GOP talking points – concluded last month that the proposed health care reform would cost $1 trillion over the next decade and still leave millions uninsured.

Yet many of those same people are the ones who mocked the Congressional Budget Office as a joke when it found in 2004 that there was little evidence that defensive medicine was contributing to soaring insurance costs. In other words, the CBO is a beckon of nonpartisan objectivity if, and only if, it agrees with me.

Because she’s such an easy target right now after this 2010 Census debacle, let’s use Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (Hypocrite, Minn.) as an example. She’s been holding up this CBO health care estimate as infallible yet ignores the CBO on defensive medicine when banging the drum for medical malpractice caps and other reforms designed to limit the rights of malpractice victims.

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