Defense Lawyers Success Secret: Worn Out Shoes

The Palm Beach Post has an insane story about a plaintiffs’ lawyer in a personal injury case in Florida who filed a motion to prevent a defense lawyer from wearing shoes with holes in them:

Part of this strategy is to present Mr. Robb and his client as modest individuals who are so frugal that Mr. Robb has to wear shoes with holes in the soles. Mr. Robb is known to stand at sidebar with one foot crossed casually beside the other so that the holes in his shoes are readily apparent to the jury who are intently watching all counsel and the Court at that moment….Mr. Robb should be required to wear shoes without holes in the soles at trial to avoid the unfair prejudice suggested by this conduct.”

Does anyone really believe that having worn out shoes is a secret key of success? Then, again, maybe this is how President Obama rose from obscure state legislature to POTUS in what felt like 20 minutes. (I was shooting for a whimsical topic after yesterday’s post.)

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