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Deadly Half Mile Stretch in Baltimore County Is Site of Six Auto and Motorcycle Accident Deaths Since 2003

The Baltimore Sun writes today about a half-mile stretch on Tufton Avenue in Baltimore County horse country where six fatal car and motorcycle accidents took place since 2003. Many of the victims’ families have complained about the sharp curve in the road. I grew up in the country and anyone who has driven on country roads in Maryland knows there are some long and winding roads with some tight turns out there. But practically, there are not the resources to rebuild every road with a tight turn in Maryland. Most of these accidents had some usual leitmotifs of fatal accident cases: alcohol, youth, and motorcycles.

What is the point of this post? I am not sure, exactly. Road engineers have looked at the road and found it safe. I suspect it is just a coincidence that so many fatal accidents have occurred on this strip of road. But this article reminds you of just how risky motor vehicle travel can be, and how important it is to drive carefully and defensively. I know how trite that sounds, but it really is true.

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