Deadly Half Mile Stretch in Baltimore County Is Site of Six Auto and Motorcycle Accident Deaths Since 2003

The Baltimore Sun writes today about a half-mile stretch on Tufton Avenue in Baltimore County horse country that has been the site of six fatal car and motorcycle accidents since 2003. Many of the victims’ families have complained about the sharp curve in the road. I grew up in the country and anyone who has driven on country roads in Maryland knows there are some long and winding roads with some tight turns out there. But practically, there are not the resources to rebuild every road with a tight turn in Maryland. Most of these accidents had some of the usual leitmotifs of fatal accident cases: alcohol, youth and motorcycles.

What is the point of this post? I am not sure, exactly. Road engineers have looked at the road and found it safe. I suspect it is just a coincidence that so many fatal accidents have occurred on this particular strip of road. But this article reminds you of just how risky motor vehicle travel can be, and how important it is to drive carefully and defensively. I know how trite that sounds, but it really is true.

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  • L. Martin Peterson, Jr.

    There Is a whole world out here for all of us to enjoy. If you don’t like a particular movie, don’t go to see it! If you don’t like a particular road, don’t drive on it. If you do enjoy quickly turning roads, like many of us do, including myself, go out to the country and have fun driving on a challenging road course where you have to actually concentrate on driving. It will improve your skills, teach you how to handle that car you take for granted, and teach you your own limits, if you don’t know them already. Just think how boring life would be if everything you did was “safe”, tested, approved, and totally harmless. Wake up people!, this is life, if you want to stay “safe”, stay home in your hermetically sealed, sterile, dull, funless fortress. Life does not come with directions, gauarantees, warranties or a free trial offer. If you want to live the life GOD gave you, live it everyday, and everyday try to experience something new, or something old you have done before and really enjoy. The point is, appreciate what you have here right now, today, this very moment, because it will all be gone, oneday. Don’t go through life with the attitude that everything has to have a totally safe and approved path to take, we all have to make our own way, the best way we can, we are responsible for ourselves. It is not up to someone else to make you “safe”, to make sure don’t take the wrong medicine, or to make all the roads the way you think they should be, take responsibility for yourself and enjoy the beauties of life, avoid the dangers in life, and watch the wonder of it all unravel before you.

  • Neil Goldberg

    In response to Mr. Peterson’s incredibly ignorant rant about road safety, all I have to say is that you obviously do not have children, or if you do, GOD HELP THEM! My son was one of those many deaths on that death trap of a road that is called Tufton Avenue, and before you start spewing more of your poisonous rhetoric, please note that some people are simply passengers in cars and have no knowledge that a friend may drive too fast, and no inkling that any given night may be their last. My son hated speed! His friend decided to attempt to pass over a half dozen cars at 96 miles per hour on the wrong side of the road on one of those curves. Maybe he should have stayed home in his, as you put it, “hermetically sealed, sterile, funless fortress” that night, but I doubt he suspected that he would die by leaving. Only an ignoramous like yourself would fail to realize that teenagers, for all the good teaching of their parents, DO take chances and DO believe that they are invincible. More lights, reflectors and better signage on a road that is beautiful during the day, but a death trap at night would probably save a lot of lives…especially on Tufton Avenue. So Mr. Peterson, next time think before you spew these ridiculous pearls of stupidity. There may be a parent out there reading your views who has lost a child that WAS NOT driving a car, but was a victim of someone else’s negligence. Perhaps many lives could have been saved if these drivers that you are encouraging to take their lives in their hands had been able to see the road better while they were indulging in the recklessness that you profess. Tell you what, how about you go and try to take some of those corners at high speed, and let us see who mourns for a jerk in the aftermath.

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