David Ball’s New Book

Psychologist David Ball has published a second edition of his book on Damages. The book costs $85. The first edition was similarly priced and feels and looks like a thin, big print paperback. But looks are deceiving in this case. The book is excellent, offering insight based on systematic research as to why jurors make decisions they do about damages. Dr. Ball discusses juror motivations for awarding money, why some jurors are reluctant to award compensation, and specific strategies to enhance damages for voir dire (which does not really apply in Maryland), opening, direct and cross-examination, and closing.

I heard Dr. Ball speak last year at the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association convention. He was impressive. Like me, he believes in juries and realizes they are far smarter than most personal injury lawyers believe they are. Dr. Ball does not try to give you information to "trick" the jury because he knows juries almost invariably do not fall for such artifices. Instead, Dr. Ball looks at some of their motivations for not giving fair compensation and how to overcome those obstacles.

I am ordering this book and will review it on this blog in the next month.

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