David Ball on Damages

David Ball’s book, appropriately titled “Damages”, is now out.

You have already bought the first two editions of a book that is just ridiculously priced, $105 for a paperback. Insane. Ball has never had a jury trial and is not even a lawyer. But buy it anyway. We will and would even if it was 10 times the price.buynow

You don’t have to accept every premise in the book. I don’t. But Ball’s view on how to maximize the value of a personal injury case has evolved a great deal in recent years and it is worth keeping up with him. Some of the very best personal injury lawyers still rely on their gut when making decisions as to how to approach trials. But even if you are a “go with your gut” personal injury lawyer, having a little bit of science and psychology behind you is a very helpful thing.

This is a copy of the book’s table of contents.

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