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Miller & Zois lawyers are assisting victims of sexual abuse committed by clergy who abused their authority in the worst way imaginable.  These lawsuits are against not only church officials but against the churches themselves.  The crimes committed in sexual abuse cases do more than violate Maryland law.  They involve unimaginable cruelty and evil.  This is why our attorneys have sought out sex abuse cases. There is no question these are emotionally challenging cases for our entire legal team.  We are human beings first.  We feel the pain of these victims.

Sexual abuse in religious institutions is especially distressing to talk about due to the potential for religious intolerance and the fact that children and teens are normally the victims. Some nuns, too, have spoken out about sexual assault and harassment.

International scandals broke in the past two decades, first in 2002 and again in 2018, that revealed chronic and widespread abuse of young boys in the Catholic Church. Worst of all? Investigations, which first began in Ireland and Boston, found that the abuse had been covered up and that perpetrators were barely punished.

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