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nursinghome6The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently published a report analyzing approximately 16,000 nursing homes in this country and assigned each a rating—from one star to five stars—based on such criteria as health inspections and staffing.

In a less prolific blow than the other shots to the head delivered to the theory that an unfettered free market is always the best answer, approximately 27 percent of for-profit homes surveyed received one star, versus 13 percent of non-profit homes. At the top of the nursing home food chain, 19% of non-profit homes received five stars, compared with 9 percent of for-profit homes. From this overwhelming data, it is hard to argue that for-profit nursing homes provide an equal level of nursing home care to that of non-profit homes. While I am not sure what the profit to non-profit nursing home ratio is in Maryland, I don’t think this conclusion shocks a single Maryland nursing home lawyer. The vast majority of nursing home cases are against private, for-profit nursing homes. Continue reading

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