Blog round-up

  • Should the defense be allowed ex parte access to your injured client’s treating physician? Drug and Device says you should be able to talk to a doctor once you file a lawsuit. But why on earth does the doctor-patient privilege evaporate when you file a lawsuit? You want to talk to the doctor. Feel free. Note the doctor’s deposition. It is not 1993 anymore. Doctor-patient really means something. No one should have to feel like their doctor is talking behind their back, particularly about a serious, or worse, embarrassing medical
  • I was a defense lawyer – 35th chair if you don’t mind me bragging – 16 years ago in a mass tort involving this lawyer. I love how the disciplinary proceedings are at the Hyatt. How fun. They should do murder trials there.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond has pulled from its shelves a product that a relative of a man injured by it says “should say ‘lethal weapon'” on the package. (Via TortsProf Blog.) That whole registering your hands as a lethal weapon with the FBI is a wives’ tale, by the way.
  • A Wisconsin court says it was OK for one personal injury law firm to arrange, via Google AdWords, for its name to come up as a sponsored link when a user searched for the name of another personal injury firm, the latter being the largest in the state. Some hail the decision as a victory for small firms. I don’t know what I think. I know competing campaigns do this to each other before elections.
  • This video game would probably not work if the hero were a personal injury lawyer rather than a criminal defense lawyer.
  • Overlawyered puts out these roundups by the bushel load.
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