Big Companies as Plaintiffs: 180 Degree Change of Tune

The Baltimore Sun reports today that a federal jury California awarded Mattel a $100 million verdict in their copyright infringement lawsuit against Bratz-maker MGA Entertainment Inc.over the rights to the popular Bratz doll franchise.

“Mattel has pursued this case first and foremost as a matter of principle,” Mattel CEO Robert A. Eckert said in a statement.

Really? Yet they asked for jury for punitive damages and $1.8 million dollars. I find it amazing how these companies decry punitive damages and “shoot for the moon” plaintiffs’ lawyers until they got their shot on the left side of the v.

By the way, as a shareholder of Mattel, I don’t want them pursuing copyright claims out of principle. We are not talking about human rights here, we are talking about rights to a bunch of dolls. Just try to honestly and ethically maximize profits for me, okay? (All right, I’m not really a shareholder of Mattel. But you get the point.)

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