Baltimore City and Baltimore County Judicial Elections Update

On July 31st, the Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Blog wrote a blog post about the concerns sitting Baltimore City Circuit Court judges John C. Themelis, Gale E. Rasin and Barry G. Williams had about their “alphabetically challenged” last names in this year’s election. It appears as these sitting Baltimore judges have fought through that obstacle, defeating challengers Baltimore lawyer Nicholas J. Del Pizzo, III and Baltimore City District Court Judge Emanuel Brown. Similarly, the Baltimore County sitting judges up for election – Robert E. Cahill Jr., Judith C. Ensor, Timothy J. Martin and Mickey J. Norman – also appear to have defeated their two challengers, William R. Buie III and Arthur M. Frank. These are early returns but the results are expected to hold up.

Almost every Maryland lawyer I have spoken to regarding these contested elections dislikes this process of Maryland judges facing elections. Yet election and election it continues without any major effort to change the process.

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  • I’m actually from Columbia Marylad and work as a personal injury lawyer. Barrie has been my home town for the last few months here in Canada and we also had our local elections. The problem is the same, that my brother Mitch Reever had to fight hard to keep his spot because of alphabetical listings. I hope in the future they place names in random order. Thanks for the great blog post!

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