Avvo Top Blogs

The Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog is now ranked #61 on the Avvo Top Legal Blogs.trophies

Okay. This is an honor that will be hard to put on a t-shirt. For lots of reasons. But if you look at the 60 blogs ahead of us, there are few personal injury related blogs. So, I’m pretty pleased about that.

This news is particularly sweet because I get snubbed every year by the ABA’s list of top 100 legal blogs. My goal in writing this blog is to develop a readership base, not to develop a client base. So I don’t need to win an Oscar, I’m thrilled to win the People’s Choice award. (Note to ABA Blog People: I don’t really mean this. Pick me next year. Please.)

Avvo simply uses Alexa to compute the rankings. There is no doubt that Alexa’s ability to rank legal blogs and other websites is somewhat flawed. But I do think Alexa is a decent barometer. If you look at the 60 blogs ahead of the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog, you will see they are mostly very good blogs.

So there.

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