Average Verdict Value In Head-on Collisions

Jury Verdict Research provides median award data and verdict probabilities in head-on auto, truck and motorcycle accident cases nationally. Plaintiffs prevail and recover damages in 64% of these cases. Surprisingly, the median award in these head-on collision personal injury cases is only $31,875.00. This number reflects the fact that 24% of the head-on collision claims in the study were for “back strains” where the average award is only $9,312.00. These are probably not the injuries we think of when we think of a head-on collision.

But here is a real shocker: the median head injury verdict in head-on collision accidents is only $25,000.00. If you have a head injury, typically you have a serious accident. So this data is – to say the least – not what I think most attorneys would have suspected. If I had to guess at the head-on collision national median, I would have predicted the number would be at least six figures. I would suspect that the average – as opposed to the median – exceeds $200,000 but I could not find any data to support my hypothesis.

Other median verdict data of interest in head-on collision cases:

Leg injury head-on collision: $156,818.00

One way street head-on collision: $27,064.00

Curves, hills and bridges head-on collision: $50,000.00

Fatal head-on collision: $509,919.00

  • Begs the question. Why do insurance companies seem so smart (ok, maybe bad word choice) with their offers? They have the benefit of looking at large aggregate numbers due to the volume of claims theyhandle. A plaintiff (and their lawyer) going to trial is like a blackack player. The plaintiff only gets to play one hand, but the house plays everyone. I’ve always felt plaintiff lawyers would be doing themselves a favor if they could contribute claim, settlement and verdict info to a large database that all (ok, only us) could see. It would give an advantage in identifying claims we maybe overvalue, or maybe they undervalue.

  • sheila

    can you sue for more than the limit of their insurance coverage. If they have a million doller policy and your injuries are more than that…can you sue for more??

  • Ron Miller

    Shelia, you can sue for any amount you want. But I can’t give you legal advice in the absence of real facts about the case.

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