Average Verdict Value In Head-on Collisions

Jury Verdict Research provides median award data and verdict probabilities in head-on auto, truck and motorcycle accident cases nationally. Plaintiffs prevail and recover damages in 64% of these cases. Surprisingly, the median award in these head-on collision personal injury cases is only $31,875.00. This number reflects the fact that 24% of the head-on collision claims in the study were for “back strains” where the average award is only $9,312.00. These are probably not the injuries we think of when we think of a head-on collision.

But here is a real shocker: the median head injury verdict in head-on collision accidents is only $25,000.00. If you have a head injury, typically you have a serious accident. So this data is – to say the least – not what I think most attorneys would have suspected. If I had to guess at the head-on collision national median, I would have predicted the number would be at least six figures. I would suspect that the average – as opposed to the median – exceeds $200,000 but I could not find any data to support my hypothesis.

Other median verdict data of interest in head-on collision cases:

Leg injury head-on collision: $156,818.00

One way street head-on collision: $27,064.00

Curves, hills and bridges head-on collision: $50,000.00

Fatal head-on collision: $509,919.00

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