Avandia Critic Says GlaxoSmithKline Intimidated Him to Remain Silent About Avandia’s Safety Concerns

Next week, a congressional subcommittee will investigate the FDA’s watchdog role in evaluating the risks associated with the diabetes drug Avandia. One witness, scheduled to appear at the hearing, claims that Avandia’s maker, GlaxoSmithKline, attempted to silence his criticism of the drug. John B. Buse, a nationally recognized diabetes specialist, says that Glaxo engaged in tactics to intimidate the doctor to keep him from going public with his concerns.

The New York Times reports that the Senate Finance Committee investigators have been looking into “very serious” claims that Avandia’s manufacturer “silenced one or more medical professionals who attempted to speak out about the potential risk of heart attacks and other serious health consequences as the result of the use of Avandia.

The news on Avandia continues to get worse and worse for Glaxo…

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