Answering Interrogatories: An Idea

One time consuming part of answering interrogatories is the actual typing input of the interrogatories. From a staffing standpoint, it is time consuming. Typically, our paralegals will scan the interrogatories as opposed to typing them from scratch. Most defense counsel send out the same interrogatories in tort case and most lawyers we face we see regularly, so we simply pull up their old interrogatories and change the answers.

Today we received discovery in a truck collision case from a lawyer we have never had a case against in the past. One of our paralegals simply called the lawyer and asked if she would email the interrogatories, which she gladly did immediately.

From now on, we will give this a try. Conversely, for all of you Maryland lawyers out there defending personal injury cases, if you ask us to email our discovery to you, we would be glad to do so.

This is just a dumb little thing. But in this business, you want to spend you time pushing the ball forward to help your clients get the attention – and, ultimately, the money – they need and deserve.

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