Anne Arundel County Lawyers: Welcome to E-Filing

In early 2007, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court will give lawyers a trial shot at electronic filing. The two-year pilot project will start with only civil non-family cases, but will expand to cover all cases. Participation in the e-filing pilot is mandatory. Participating lawyers will have a choice of either subscribing to a LexisNexis’ fee-based e-filling service or using a public access terminal at the court clerk’s office. The Court of Appeals has approved the plan and hopes it can serve as a model for the rest of the state in the future.

One thing of note for lawyers that are not computer literate: You may not authorize someone in the lawyer’s office (such as a paralegal) to use the lawyer’s login name and password to file documents in the e-filing system.

I have no idea where I am on e-filing. I struggled with it when the U.S. District Court of Maryland went to e-filing because I was using my AOL account instead of my Miller & Zois email and AOL viewed the District Court email as spam for some reason. No harm, no foul but it scared me half to death when I found filings in my spam folder. But in any event, can see the future and it is clearly going to be e-filing. For more information, click here.

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