Ameriprise: Battling for “Most Difficult Car Insurance Defendant” Title

Five years ago, I had never heard of Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. Now, I’m seeing more and more Ameriprise claims that involve an Ameriprise insured defendant. Ameriprise certainly does not have a lot of market share in Maryland. But the Ameriprise website claims it is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the country. Based on the rise in Ameriprise claims in Maryland, I believe it.

Anyway, the point of this post: the settlement offers that have been coming in from Ameriprise have been worse than awful. Ameriprise clearly has a hard ball pre-suit business model. This may or may not work for them.

But the take home message for Maryland accident lawyers is clear: you are going to need to file a lawsuit and try some accident cases against this insurance company to get their attention.

If anyone has an experience with Ameriprise worth sharing, particularly accident lawyers in other jurisdictions that see Ameriprise more than we do in Maryland, please give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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