Ameriprise: Battling for “Most Difficult Car Insurance Defendant” Title

Five years ago, I had never heard of Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. Now, I’m seeing more and more Ameriprise claims that involve an Ameriprise insured defendant. Ameriprise certainly does not have a lot of market share in Maryland. But the Ameriprise website claims it is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the country. Based on the rise in Ameriprise claims in Maryland, I believe it.

Anyway, the point of this post: the settlement offers that have been coming in from Ameriprise have been worse than awful. Ameriprise clearly has a hard ball pre-suit business model. This may or may not work for them.

But the take home message for Maryland accident lawyers is clear: you are going to need to file a lawsuit and try some accident cases against this insurance company to get their attention.

If anyone has an experience with Ameriprise worth sharing, particularly accident lawyers in other jurisdictions that see Ameriprise more than we do in Maryland, please give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • I have other descriptive words for Ameriprise other than “most difficult” I was rear-ended, (low impact) in 2-07, by a lady that also carried Ameriprise Ins, We did not call the police because there was not very much visible damage to my car. We both called in the accident, Ameriprise tried to get me to see a doctor but at the time I was’nt having any problems, and I expressed my concerns that Ameriprise would cancel us if I went to the doctor. Of course they said no-way!! They replaced my bumper $800. After about 2-3 mos. I began having severe neck and shoulder pain,(where in the beginning I thought I had strained muscles, and was treating myself with Alieve) I reported the neck and shoulder pain in the beginning but I thought it was sore muscles. My husband noticed by May that I was taking too many Alieve, and still was in a lot of pain, so I called Ameriprise and told them I was going to have to see a doctor. The same month (May) Ameriprise sent us a letter CANCELLing our policy as of JUlY 14 for being involved in an accident and a less than perfect credit check. The agent told me that I had to fill out completely about 23 pages worth of forms,& sign it before she could file a claim for me to go see a doctor. I complied. Also- we paid for a 20K Med pay addendum, and disability in this policy. What I did not know was that in very fine print(magnifing glass print) was the statement “that Ameriprise would only cover treatments for the term of 12 mos. no matter if I was recovered or not” I asked about this over the phone and my agent said “you must complete and sign all the forms, or a claim can’t be filed.” So I did. BAD move, because I should have hired a lawyer then. After 12 mos. of therapy (exhausted 10K PIP) they cut-me-off. I had not even been diagnosed by any specialist for my condition. I hired a lawyer, racked up $8K worth of medical bills on LOPs that Ameriprise refused to pay. I told my lawyer to settle for whatever he could get me, it is 2009 now and I am still in pain, I have a whiplash, pinched nerves in my neck and soft tissue damage in my upper back and shoulder. My lawyer said I only had a 30% chance of winning anything in court, because Ameriprise had whole teams of lawyers that would refute everything. Ameriprise says they will give me $18K final offer because I did not have a police report and because of the Back-to Work doctor’s report. So, after my lawyer pays my $8K medical bills and himself, I will get about $5000. This is not enough money to get therapy, surgery, or even another year of medical Insurance?? NoW I have a pre-existing injury. I am very unhappy with Ameriprise, they did not treat me fairly, and they LIED to keep from paying any real money out for my claim. The accident was not my fault, and I have never filed a claim before this one. Buyers Beware. We had this policy for 3yrs. and it was’nt worth the paper it was written on.

  • freya larson

    An Ameriprise insurance holder recently backed into me. He took total responsibility. The police report also stated he was totally at fault. After dragging their feet, the company said they would only pay 80 percent because I didn’t honk. I didn’t know he was going to run into me; I thought he would stop. It is wrong to be at fault and not take complete responsibility. This company is unethical and may be breaking the law.

  • steve

    Yes i was hit my there client who took full responsibility 100% her fault two weeks later I am unable to reach the claims person that is handling the claim. I still have a rental and will keep it until they do. And if they don’t pay for the rental and my car soon I will be forced to get an attorney. the girl that hit me was 16 and did not have her license or proof of insurance with her. I called the cops he refused to take a report.

  • Rebecca

    I was rear-ended while sitting at a light by an Ameriprise client a little over a year ago. I have a small car and the guy who hit me has a p/u truck and he did more then $3,000 damage to my car. He has done nothing but lie about this accident. Ameriprise admitted they don’t believe him but they still refuse to pay for this accident. I have never been able to get my car fixed because of this horrible insurance co. I also went to a chiropractor for 6 mo. for back pain which my insurance co. paid for. I had an attorney who just advised me I would be better off suing this guy in small claims court. California just raised the small claims limit to $10,000. I plan to sue for the max, Ameriprise can’t have lawyers in small claims court.

  • Injured

    Here’s a good one I’m an Ameriprise policy holder. I was in two accidents both NOT my fault, had surgery, still in pain and they recently cut me off completely because I am under investigation. They sent an investigator to my home who downloaded my entire phone which took for feel violated by them and they are a mistake company. They are looking for anything not to pay my lifetime medical.

    • Ron Miller

      I would be hesitant to let them download your entire phone. You should call a lawyer in your area to at least get some good advice.

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