Aluminum Bat Lawsuit: $850,000 Verdict

The New York Times reports that a Montana jury found on Wednesday that the maker of Louisville Slugger baseball bats failed to adequately warn about the dangers that aluminum bat can pose, awarding $850,000 for the tragic death of an 18 year-old boy hit by a ball while pitching in a American Legion baseball game.

I look forward to hearing the commentary on this case. I didn’t sit on the jury on this case and I wonder what warnings would have been sufficient. My gut reaction: the warnings that would be placed on the bat would be something all of the players already know. I also wonder how a meaningful warning is given to the pitcher who never sees the bat.

If they think that the negligence did cause the boy’s death, $850,000 certainly is a low award. Was this a compromise verdict? I look forward to hearing more about the case.

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