Alexa Statistics and This Blog

These are the Alexa statistics for the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. Avvo has a ranking of lawyer blogs – based on Alexa statistics.

There are only a few personal injury blogs ahead of the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. But using page views or unique visitors is a poor indicator for this blog anyway. If it was, you would see more “What do you do when you are in an accident?” posts.devices

Instead, the purpose of this blog is to attract potential accident, malpractice and product liability lawyers looking for co-counsel, consistent with our firm’s strategy of teaming up with lawyers to co-counsel with on serious personal injury cases.

The plan, then, to spell it out, is to continue to build a readership base of personal injury and other lawyers. (To do this, frankly, I need to keep posts like this to a minimum.) The plan is to give lawyers news and information they can use while underscoring our experience in catastrophic or wrongful death cases. So when you are looking for co-counsel to help you maximize the value of your client’s case (and to maximize your own fee), you call Miller & Zois.

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