News of Interest for Lawyers on August 10th

  • Johnnie Cochran Middle School (ABA Journal).
  • If you name your child Adolf Hitler, you cannot have that child anymore (Above the Law).
  • Broken bat lawsuit claim by a fan who sues the team, the batter and the player from whom the batter borrowed the bat (Legal Blog Watch).news
  • Links to links (Overlawyered’s links of the day)
  • Police officer lets woman off a DWI in exchange for letting him fondle her breasts. She complies. Then he calls the next day wanting more. How do we know she is telling the truth? Security cameras (Jonathan Turley).
  • Avvo has the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog ranked as the 113th best (i.e. most visited) legal blog. But there are few personal injury law blogs ahead of me. So there.
  • Eric Turkewitz on the endless time wasted waiting for pre-trials and other court proceedings to begin. (Note to self: Eric’s blog is ranked ahead of mine. Stop linking to him.)
  • Accutane verdict is overturned. (This one comes from the Drug and Device Law Blog which is ranked one below me on the Avvo list. Even I can admit this blog should be ranked ahead of mine. So click on this link.)
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