$55 Million Cerebral Palsy Verdict

One of the largest malpractice verdicts in Maryland history was handed down yesterday by a Baltimore City jury that awarded $55 million in a cerebral palsy medical malpractice case. The actual award will be reduced by Maryland’s medical malpractice cap to less than $30 million. Hopkins is expected to appeal. I’m not sure of the grounds but in a complicated birth injury case, there are always potential issues.baltimoreflag

Plaintiff’s lawyer Gary Wais said after the verdict that the parents are “relieved that they’re going to have the economic resources to take care of their child, not only for their own natural lives, but for their child’s.” This is the big fear of almost any parent in a birth injury case. When I/we die, who is going to take care of my child? Must be one of the the worst fears imaginable.

The Baltimore Sun has a story on the verdict.

2013 Update: This verdict was reversed.

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