$3 Million Verdict in a Maryland Pedestrian Accident

A Prince George’s County jury awarded $3.3 million in a mother and daughter pedestrian wrongful death case. The case is beyond tragic. A young woman and her unborn child were killed. The defendant was the state of Maryland and the claim was lawthat the state should have put in a sidewalk, guard rails, or something so pedestrians are not easy targets for cars and trucks going down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not mentioned: this verdict will not be collectable under the Maryland Tort Claims Act which limits recovery to $200,000. Arguably, this was a pretty important detail that should have been mentioned in this Washington Post article on the case.

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  • Ron
    Couldn’t agree more that the “missing detail” of the limitation on recovery would have been important to have mentioned. Not only does it give reality to the recovery (as opposed to the verdict), it makes the public aware of these limitations of recovery we are facing in this state day-in and day-out. Thanks for the post!

  • The Washington Post should have included this crucial information in their article. This tragedy is a glaring example of why tort reform is not always a good idea.

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