$322 Million Asbestos Verdict

The Wall Street Journal reports that on a $322 million verdict in Mississippi.

I give this verdict about a 10-1 chance on appeal. I wouldn’t trust the Mississippi Supreme Court as far as I could throw them.mississippi

This is not a harbinger of an impartial search for justice. And the Mississippi Supreme Court has a history of making life tough on plaintiffs, who lost 90% of personal injury appeals during one streak (although I think things got a little better of late).

The Wall Street Journal is, not surprisingly, a little out-of-touch in the personal injury world:

Ho-hum, right? After all, it’s about as current as Ivan Lendl, as hip as Vanilla Ice, as played out as Gary Hart.

Uh, yeah, time for you to give asbestos litigation another look.

Uh, yeah, Wall Street Journal. That is a cute intro and all – very bloggy – but Google “Maryland mesothelioma lawyer” and click on the first advertiser. You just cost that firm $100 bucks. Asbestos litigation is very 2011.

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