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Michael Jackson Trial

I’m quoted a bit talking about some of the details of the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

I realize I have been blogging a bit less of late. I’m about to pick it back up. I just do not blog as much in May and June. I do much of my blogging at night and it is just harder to get my kids to bed at a reasonable hour with the weather so nice. Making matters worse, there has also been a lack of personal injury related opinions of interest coming out of our appellate courts.

I’ll be back to full speed, I promise.

P.S. – While I have your attention, did you see the editorial in the Baltimore Sun yesterday? Tons of love should go to James B. Astrachan, George W. Liebmann, and Henry R. Lord who are unabashedly critical of our high court. Usually it is hard to find anyone to be so openly critical of any judges. I’m even a little scared to do it, particularly when the dispute is not over a legal issue.

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