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Average Knee Injury Accident Verdicts and Settlements

Knee Injury Values

Ask any accident lawyer about the use of statistics in valuing personal injury accident cases, and you will get an almost universal answer: they have little or no utility. Yet I’ve never looked away from average verdict data and I’ve never known a personal injury lawyer who did. Even if you conclude it is useless, you can’t help but be curious.

Jury Verdict Research published a 10 year study on knee injuries. Our law firm has gotten pretty good results in knee injury cases. The study confirms this is for pretty good reason. The average knee injury verdict is $173,552. But with more serious knee injuries, that average jumps higher. The average cartilage and ligament damage jury verdict is $347,831. Conversely, a knee strain verdict averages a mere $70,055.

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  • Ron Miller

    Tashawn, I wish I had an answer. This verdict data is interesting but every case is so different. The way to value your case is to review your medical records. That really is the only way to get to even a range of settlement value to the case.

  • Adam Barlow

    A prospective client just called me and asked what her case is worth. She said her bills were $12,000.00. I told her that the value of each case will depend on what the injuries were; severe knee injury, for example, versus a mere soft issue injury. Who performed the treatment; an orthopedist versus a chiropractor. And how long treatment was required.

    The insurance company adjusting the claim can have an impact, the patients of the client, and obviously the facts of each case. There are so many variables involved that it makes a blanket statement near impossible.

    • Ron Miller

      Well said, Adam.

  • Laroi Jackson Sr.

    i’ve had a total of 3 knee surgeries and now i’m being told i need a total knee replacement as well as treatment for a L5-S1 herniated disc.How much is my case worth approximately ?I’ve been out of work for 6yrs since my 2008 injury.

  • Ron Miller

    Laroi, that is not just not enough information to value a case. As I am about to lay out above when we update this post, it is very hard to predict even a range of values without a great deal of information.