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Premises Liability Settlements and Verdicts in Maryland

Metro Verdicts Monthly’s graph this month is non-fatal settlements and verdicts in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia in premises liability cases since 1987. The median non-fatal premises liability case in Maryland was $69,000. The recoveries in Virginia and the District of Columbia are slightly less, $50,000 and $65,000, respectively.

As I have said before, I love seeing these different verdicts in Maryland each month. It is always interesting to see different lawyers that you know and see what kind of cases they had and how they fared. What diminishes the value of Metro Verdicts, in my mind, is the turn around time. I have a case in this month’s edition that I tried 6 months ago. It does not diminish the quality of the information but in the Internet era, it is not quite as enjoyable to read stale news.

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  • Kevin Monroe

    Intresting data. I’m glad to see Virgina is not lagging behind others in verdicts for a change!

  • cynthia

    looking for a accident value for a multiple broken arm with surgery, and premises insurance. My lawyer wants to settle for 100.000. I’ve been told its worth much more. My forearm and wrist is disfigured and i have only a 25% use of my right hand, which is my dominate hand….